Small Talk, Big Flavors: Legazpi City’s Small Talk Cafe

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Highly recommended and featured countless times on TV shows, newspaper articles and blog reviews. A usual dining venue for visiting dignitaries, personalities and celebrities. Small Talk Cafe has indeed made a name for itself. It has become an attraction of its own. Listed in the itinerary of vacationers in Legazpi City, sharing some of the limelight with Mayon volcano.

Be Informed

Small Talk Cafe Location:
051 Dona Aurora St, 4500 Legazpi City
Small Talk Cafe is walking distance from St Gregory the Great Cathedral/Peñaranda Park (keep to your right, facing away from the Cathedral).

Small Talk Cafe Hours:
11:00 am – 10:00 pm daily

Small Talk Cafe Contact details:
(052) 480-1393
facebook page

Interiors and Service

The restaurant offers indoor and al fresco dining. According to Small Talk Cafe’s facebook page, the restaurant started with just eight tables when it opened in 1999 and now can sit more than 60 people at any one time.

Small Talk Cafe is a cozy little nook. A house so masterfully converted into a restaurant that it is able to maintain its homey appeal.

There are tons of old photos, newspaper clippings, postcards and many other items highlighting the local scene throughout the years. All make for wonderful small talk starters (pun intended). Hahaha! I absolutely love Small Talk Cafe’s set up!

Coming straight from our DIY tour of Legazpi, we were still feeling the afterburn of walking all day. After we’re seated, one of the wait staff saw me using a map as a fan to cool myself. Without me asking, she proactively lowered the temperature of the air-conditioning system. Made me like Small Talk Cafe even more!

The staff at Small Talk Cafe are very attentive and are really courteous. There was a large group of noisy old ladies across our table and the staff assigned at their table walked them through the menu several times while always maintaining a smile and a polite tone. She also suggested to serve the pasta they ordered in separate plates so that it would be easier for everyone to get their share.

Small Talk Cafe mentioned in their facebook page that they value employee relationships. With some of their employees still with them since they opened in 1999. The excellent service we experienced is a definite testament to this.


Do remember that Small Talk Cafe is a restaurant and not a fast-food chain, understandably it may take a while to prepare your order. The wait is worth it though. We had Laing Pizza, Pinangat Pasta, two glasses of iced tea and a slice of Pili Pie for dessert. We paid a total of Php 485. Not bad at all.

I was a bit skeptic with the pizza and Laing combination. That skepticism was quickly swept under the rug. The thin crust of the pizza is super crunchy and looks to be homemade. The cheese sometimes overpower the Laing, but I like cheese a lot so I’m not counting this against Small Talk Cafe.

Small Talk Cafe’s Pinangat pasta has just the right level of spiciness. While the Pili Pie could use a little more sugar. Matter of preference really, I have high penchant for sweets. :)

Final Thoughts

When I stepped into Small Talk Cafe, I told myself that this is the kind of business I would like to have (with maybe a couple of rooms upstairs and make it a bed and breakfast). The general charm that the restaurant exudes is something that really appealed to me. Add the warm service, affordable price and excellent food into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Eating is very much a part of travelling as seeing the sights and experiencing the culture. There are food places that adds to the fond memories of visiting an unfamiliar region. Small Talk Cafe is such a place. Can’t wait to visit Legazpi once more and experience Small Talk Cafe all over again.

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