The Agora Food Market at BGC: Food Lovers Assemble

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Like mushrooms after a rainy day, food markets are sprouting everywhere. Bringing joy to the hearts and tummies of food lovers, so… basically everyone. Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a favorite location for these pop up food paradise. Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato being one of the more prominent ones.

I immensely enjoy eating. Immensely. So when I learned of The Agora Food Market at BGC, there’s no question that I had to go.

But first, what is Agora? Agora, is an Ancient Greek word with the literal meaning of “gathering place” or “assembly”, a central spot in ancient Greek city-states.

Be Informed

The Agora Food Market at BGC Schedule:
4:30 pm to 10:00 pm

The Agora Food Market at BGC Location:
Terra 28th, 28th St.,
Binfacio Global City (BGC), Taguig
*The Agora Food Market at BGC is two blocks south from Bonifacio High Street if you’re coming from Kalayaan Ave. / 32nd St.

The Agora Food Market at BGC Contact details:
(0917) 527-3404

Set Up

Apart from the usual table-and-chair set up, The Agora Food Market at BGC also have nipa mats laid out around the tents housing the food concessionaires. I find this a wonderful idea, especially that The Agora Food Market at BGC is located in a park with nice lush lawn. That is until it rains.

None of the tables and picnic mats are located under a tent. There aren’t that many tables and most of the picnic mats were wet. But hey, it’s a park, so there are plenty of other places to sit and enjoy your food.

It had been raining (the morning) the day we went to The Agora Food Market at BGC. Our shoes became mud-ridden as we walked around to check all the food stalls.

There weren’t that many people the day we went to The Agora Food Market at BGC. Perhaps because it had been raining. Several of the tents are also empty. As far as I know, The Agora Food Market at BGC is still relatively new. They started just this year (2015), I think.

There are busboys going around with large garbage bags to keep the venue clean. Another cool thing about The Agora Food Market at BGC, is that you can bring your pets and walk around the park after eating. To burn those extra calories. :)


It feels like The Agora Food Market at BGC is going for a more upscale vibe. There are no ihaw-ihaw, but there is a stall that sells pre-cooked barbecue. Also, unlike most other food markets, there are no two concessionaires that sell the same product. Take the dessert area for example, where one stall sells cakes, the other pies and the other cookies. I think this is also part of the reason why there are still some vacant tents at The Agora Food Market at BGC.

Another thing that separates The Agora Food Market at BGC from most other food markets is that there is no blaring music. Allowing you to share some good conversation with the people you’re with.

The Pork Tenderloin we had was pretty good. We didn’t have trouble cutting through it despite having only plastic utensils. It was a hefty serving for Php 130. The Dalandan juice was nothing special. My travel buddy didn’t like the Buko Pandan.

For dessert, we had cookies from Batter and Dough. We bought the sampler, which included three cookies and a brownie. I don’t remember how much the exact price is. It was around Php 200, I believe. They were all very good. And the owner seemed really nice. :)

Other food items found at The Agora Food Market at BGC are burgers, paella, rice meals, empanadas and many other things. Check out their facebook page for more info.

Final Thoughts

Despite the shorter list of food concessionaires at The Agora Food Market at BGC, compared to most other food markets, there is no shortage of different options. Thanks to the organizer’s careful selection of vendors. I’m sure the vacant stalls will be filled in no time.

I also appreciate The Agora Food Market at BGC’s spacious venue where the stalls and eating area are not crammed together. The soft music is also a welcome change from the usual heart thumping beats used by other food markets.

Perhaps it would help if the mats are stored somewhere and diners can just borrow them when needed. This way they can be kept clean and dry, instead of being of no use when they get wet or stepped on by passersby.

True to its name, The Agora Food Market at BGC is indeed a gathering place for all food lovers.


25 Septeember 2017 – The Agora Food Market no longer has operations at BGC.

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