Ever since I started cooking, I am no longer able to tolerate fastfood as much as I used to. That’s why when we eat out, we try to go to a place that doesn’t churn out meals faster than you can say, well… “fastfood”.

We’ve always been curious about the Thai restaurant, Jatujak. After our trip to Thailand, we finally decided to give the place a try. We feel we were better equipped at distinguishing what real Thai food should taste like after a few days stint at the Land of Smiles.

Be Informed

Here’s a list of the Jatujak stores I know of:

Jatujak SM Mall of Asia (MOA)
2nd Level unit 237 Entertainment Mall,
SM Mall of Asia

Jatujak SM Mega Mall
104 Upper Ground Bldg A,
SM Mega Mall

Jatujak SM North Edsa
421 Annex the Block,
SM City North Edsa

I read somewhere that Tamarind at SM Aura Premier is also operated by the same group as Jatujak. Some bloggers describe it as the level-up version of Jatujak.

Interiors, Food and Service

We’ve only been to their SM Mall of Asia and Mega Mall stores. Both Jatujak restaurants have very limited seating capacity. Of the two, Jatujak MOA has more seats.

Interiors are simple. There are little touches of Thailand everywhere. From the decorative wood carvings found on most Thai roofs converted to a wall ornament, to Thai beer cans perched near the kitchen. We’re kinda hoping that they were more than displays. Haha!

Our usual order consists of Pho Pia (fried) or Pho Pia Sod (fresh spring rolls), Tom Yum and Kao Kluk Gapi (bagoong rice). For beverage, I enjoy their Mint and Lemon Grass, and Thai Iced Tea. Our bill would usually cost around seven hundred-ish. Not bad at all. The day is yet to come when I come out of Jatujak not being full bellied and dissatisfied with the food.

Service is okay. The staff could be a little more customer service oriented. They are attentive though. :)

Final Thoughts

Ever since our trip to Thailand, we’ve been looking for a Thai place that serves authentic tasting Thai food without burning a hole in our pockets. Jatujak is such a place. We’ve visited Jatujak SM MOA and Mega Mall countless times and have always enjoyed our visit.

In Thailand, Jatujak is a huge weekend market. In Manila, Jatujak is our go-to place for an authentic and reasonably priced Thai food fix.

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  1. Kaycee Enerva

    Hay if only Thai food wasn't bombarded with Cilantro. Looks good. I love their thai milk tea

  2. Rainbow Journal

    Defintely worth the price, Iam. :)

  3. Rainbow Journal

    Jatujak has always been our go to restaurant for a quick, affordable Thai food fix. Maybe Jatujak will also be on your list. :)

  4. Rainbow Journal

    Let us know how your dining experience at Jatujak went. :)
    Isn't it nice to discover new things?

  5. Rainbow Journal

    Hahaha! It's been a while since our trip to Thailand. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to blog about it yet. :P

  6. Slick Master

    Authentic indeed. At first, I thought, "hey, are you somewhere in Asia again? Haha!"

  7. Lauren Ashley

    The food looks good and yummy. A new food list for me :) Gonna try Thai !

  8. Candice Amoranto

    Oh. something new to try then :) I love thai food . :)

  9. Rainbow Journal

    I haven't been to those two restaurants yet. Have you been to Koh Samui in Pasay? It was quite disappointing. :| Hahaha! Will keep note of the two places you metioned. Benjarong is the closest to my area. :)

  10. Rainbow Journal

    Let us know how your Jatujak visit goes. :D

  11. Iam Von

    I find Asian food really interesting. The food looks good. Is it worth the price?

  12. Rainbow Journal

    I think Thai food is an acquired taste. If you like sour and spicy food, then you'll love Thai food. :D

  13. Rainbow Journal

    Well, nothing beats eating dishes from their country of origin. Hahaha! Jatujak doesn't disappoint though. And given the price. :)

  14. Chef Jay's Kitchen

    Seems like a great restaurant for Thai food. I went to Bangkok last September, I hope that jatujak serves thai food that's as authentic!

  15. Yvonne Bertoldo

    Haven't tried eating at a Thai restaurant yet, but seeing those photos made me want to taste some :)

  16. Mas Pre

    Been seeing this place in SM North for time. There's not a lot of good, affordable Thai food joints around. Will try this out soon.

  17. Lem Villarino

    I am always disappointed whenever I try a new Thai Food place in Metro Manila, so I stopped trying new places. Whenever there's cravings, I just go for Truly Asia at Fisher Mall, and Benjarong at Dusit Hotel. Your post made me want to try it again. Let's see. =)

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