Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC: Almost the Ultimate Night Food Market

I’ll Cook
Eat Out

This is an old post from the first Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC. Names, locations and schedules have changed since. This post still gets a lot of visits, so I make sure to update it as much as I can. Please see the Updates section below. Thank you! :)


I was watching Ian Wright’s travel show on TLC. He was somewhere in China slurping on a bowl of soup with great gusto. Made me miss our night food market adventure during our trips to neighbor countries. Where at every turn there is something new, something odd, something you’d like to try, neither really knowing nor caring what’s in it.

Here in Metro Manila, several night food markets have sprung. Setting up tent usually in vacant lots or parking areas near the busy business districts. Mercato Centrale at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) is such a place.

Midnight Mercato at BGC came from the same organizers as Fiesta Bahia, The Mercato Centrale Group. Despite the wonderful concept of Fiesta Bahia, I was not totally impressed with the food selection. Let’s see how Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC fares.

thBe Informed

Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato Mercato High StrEat at BGC Schedule:
Tuesdays to Saturdays
11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato Mercato High StrEat at BGC Location:
Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater
Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato Mercato High StrEat at BGC Contact details:
(0917) 160-5635 
[email protected]

Other Mercato Centrale locations and schedules:

BaYUMMYhan sa Pasay (Starting December 1, 2020)
SM by the Bay Amusement Park
Open Daily
3:00 pm – 10:00 pm 


*You may want to check with Mercato Centrale first before heading to the following locations. They are no longer listed on their website and facebook page.

Mercato Centrale Glorietta 4
The Dolphin Park, Courtyard Drive, Makati City
Thursdays to Fridays
4:00 pm – 2:00 am

Mercato Central Eastwood City
1880 Building, Orchard Road, Quezon City
Thursdays to Fridays
6:00 pm to 3:00 am

Mercato Central Ayala Malls Manila Bay
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. cor. Aseana Ave. Parañaque City
Fridays to Sundays
4:00 pm to 12:00 mn


We went to Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC very late in the evening, still the place is packed with people; mostly yuppies from the nearby BPO companies.

Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC is set up very nicely. All the food stalls are inside a huge tent, while the seats and tables for the diners are placed outside.

Most food markets I’ve been to doesn’t have enough seats to cater to all of the patrons. Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC is no exception. Apart from having a food loving culture, most Filipinos like to chat during and, most especially, after a meal. Making the shortage of seats more apparent.


Food stalls inside Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC’s tent are grouped based on the type of dish they sell. On one side of the tent are ihaw-ihaw, adjacent to it are the main course, on another are drinks and in the middle are mostly desserts and sweets.

Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC has one of the widest variety of food I’ve seen among all of the food markets I’ve been to. They also rank as one of the most eclectic.

Apart from the usual Pinoy favorites, there is Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. There are also a lot of stalls dedicated to just drinks. Dessert lovers will have no shortage of options at Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC. There are kakanin, cakes, cupcakes and ice cream with weird flavors.

I was immediately drawn to the Vietnamese stall. The Banh Mi was calling out to me! I also bought fresh spring rolls from the same stall. For dessert, to my great delight, Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC has a stall selling my favorite layered cake (I don’t know what it’s called). I used to always buy this cake from Banchetto in Pioneer which is nearby our place; unfortunately, they’re no longer associated with them.

The Banh Mi was pretty good. It brought back memories of eating at the sidewalks of Ho Chi Minh City. The flavors were there. It would’ve been perfect had the bread not been tough and chewy. The fresh spring rolls tasted… uhm… fresh. And of course the cake! I gobbled all of it up without any consideration for calories! I even bought another one for later. Haha!

Final Thoughts

Whenever I go to food markets here in the Philippines, I often notice two things; the lack of seats and the limited variety of food options.

Mercato Cetrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC changed that. Well… changed a part of it. There are still not enough seats. Something I’ve come to expect when going to such places. The food choices, on the other hand, was not an issue.

Those going on a food trip will surely enjoy what Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC has to offer. The wide assortment of food, coupled with affordable prices will surely make the heartiest of eaters want to pig out. I did!


01 October 2015 – Updated Mercato Centrale BGC schedule and location

28 November 2015 – Please note that all photos are still from the old location

23 November 2016 – Updated schedule

02 December 2018 – Updated contact info and schedule

01 June 2019 – Updated schedule

14 November 2019 – Updated Mercato Centrale locations and schedule based on their weebsite and facebook page.

09 June 2020 – Mercato Centrale at BGC is back! Our beloved food market is open Tuesdays to Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm (take-out and delivery only). Fresh produce are also available through the Mercato Community Market every Saturday and Sunday, from 8 am to 1 pm, starting June 13.

16 June 2020 – Mercato Centrale’s Mercato-Go at BGC is taking a break. You may check out their online delivery here.

05 July 2020 – Mercato Centrale has partnered with DMCI Homes to bring their Mercato-Go food takeout closer to the consumers. Check out their facebook page for schedules and if your condo is one of their new venues.

21 October 2020 – The Midnight Mercato at BGC has been rebranded as Mercato High StrEat. They are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. Mercato High StrEat is located at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater (along 7th avenue). Check out their facebook page for more details.

23 November 2020 – Updated Mercato BGC High StrEat schedule, contact and address. Added BaYUMMYhan sa Pasay.

25 December 2020 – Mercato Centrale BGC High StrEat will be closed on December 25 and 31, and January 1. Pasayahin Bayummyhan at SM Mall of Asia will be open on Christmas day from 3 pm to 10 pm.


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  1. rainbowjournal

    Hi Asia! Yes, Midnight Mercato at BGC is on-going. You may also want to check their facebook page. They sometimes cancel due to bad weather.

    Sorry for the late reply, we’re having some connection problems at the moment. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! And I hope you’ll have a good time and a full tummy there. :D

  2. Asia

    Hi, is the mercato in BGC still on going? We are planning to go there tonight. Thanks :)

  3. rainbowjournal

    Hi Elena, I din’t see any of those. They sell mostly ready-to-eat food. Maybe try Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati.

  4. Elena Gatus

    Do they sell different kinds of roots? For example, licorice, cinnamon sticks etc etc

  5. rainbowjournal

    Hi Dianne, Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not affiliated with the Mercato Group. I just really enjoy their food bazaars. :)

    You may want to try the contact details on the Be Informed section of the article to inquire with them.

  6. dianne

    hi, ask ko lang po if how we can join to mercato bgc? how much the cost? and what are the process?

  7. rainbowjournal

    Hi Angel! Thanks for visiting my blog. Midnight Mercato’s new location is a bit far from the old one. They are now located near the NBC Tent, further south. Hope this helps. :)

  8. Angel

    Oops. Where is The Forum? Malapit rin ba sa dating lugar ng mercato?

  9. Angel

    Where can we find the Mercato now in BGC? Just went last night across the Home Depot lastnight (old place of mercato). Trying to find it somewhere in BGC. Feedback please.

  10. rainbowjournal

    Hi Jezel! Midnight Mercato recently moved to a new location. They’re now at 25th St & 7th Ave (in front of The Forum).

  11. jezel

    Thank you ;D

  12. rainbowjournal

    Hi Jezel! If you’re commuting, kahit anong bus na dumadaan ng EDSA. Baba ka sa Guadalupe, take the overpass then sakay ka ng jeep to BGC. Di lang ako sigurado kung dadaan sila mismo kung nasaan ang Mercato. Or take a cab, para hassle free. Haha! :P

    If you’re driving, U turn is at EDSA-Ayala intersection, then turn right at Kalayaan, right at 32nd St. Di na ako sure sa mga pasikot-sikot after. Haha! Baka kasi naiba na rin ang mga one-way roads dun. Mercato is just behind S&R.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you found what you’re looking for and do visit again. :)

  13. jezel manalo

    hi po, ask ko lang paano po pmunta at mercato centrale if galing po ako ng cubao? ty

  14. rainbowjournal

    Hi Alyssa, Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    Yes, Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC is ongoing every weekend (Fri-Sat) 6pm to 3am. Hope you enjoy you’re visit there. And share with us you’re experience. :D

  15. alyssa nel bulabos

    ask ko lang still open pa ba sila this week want ko pumunta sana thanks

  16. Malcolm Open


  17. Rainbow Journal

    Hello Jerome, Thanks for visiting my blog. Try calling them though these channels: (0917) 840-1152 / (02) 812-0102
    [email protected] / [email protected]
    You may also visit their facebook and web pages through the link I posted on the article.

  18. Jerome Vicente

    does anyone know how to get a booth in MERCATO??i want to put up a business there!!=)

  19. Rainbow Journal

    It's really nice when you have variety and that's what food markets are about. :)

  20. Mitch Ryan

    I am so lucky to be in a country where food market is rampant. I love it.

  21. Rainbow Journal

    I believe they are both by the Mercato Group. Though they try to mix it up by having themes for each site. :)

  22. Ria Hazel Lumandog

    YUMMY! I miss food markets like these. Hope BGC's near to me, I only go to Mezza Norte. Pero I think MN and Mercato Centrale is within the same company. :)

  23. Rainbow Journal

    Hope you'd get the chance to visit Mercato Centrale at BGC soon and get to try the food on offer. Cheers! :D

  24. Slick Master

    I heard this thing since last year. And still, I haven't managed to go there. And not I'm hungry (at the moment) and seeing these foods and stalls. Just… wow. Hahaha!

  25. Ma Katrina Camille Enerva

    Food… Yum!

  26. Jhojo Villas

    These dishes are so mouth-watering. nagugutom tuloy ako! haha.. I am keen to eating especially with our very own pinoy delicacies.. :D

  27. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Gab! True, the tables can be a bit messy and the smoke from all of the ihaw-ihaw can be overwhelming at times. I do like, however, having the tall buildings behind as a backdrop. What can I say, I'm a city rat. Hahaha!

    Thanks again for the compliment. Ano, let's work on your blog na. :D Hihihi!

  28. Gabriela Fernandez

    I really love the layout of your blog. haha. I enjoy the food at mercato but I do not like eating there because the tables are messy and the different smell of food is really pungent. What my friends and I do is that we buy what we want and just eat in the car. :) Gab of

  29. Saralee Joy Abesamis

    Rainbow Journal awww.. thanks a lot for that compliment! but those videos dont give me justice at all! haha im more talkative or bubbly in person! haha sorry for that haha

  30. Rainbow Journal

    You're welcome, Saralee Joy Abesamis . I viewed a couple of your videos on youtube, you seem like a really bubbly person. :) Cheers!

  31. Rainbow Journal

    The one in Emerald Ortigas, I think, is the first (organized) night food market here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they no longer have a set up there. While Mercato Centrale at BGC is not the easiest place to get to, it is worth visiting. Cheers! :)

  32. Rainbow Journal

    I haven't been to the one in Salcedo, though I've been wanting to go for the longest time. :)
    Banchetto no longer have a night market at Emerald. They have one at Robinsons Forum and Shopwise Libis.

  33. Raymond Nicolas

    I have only tried Banchetto in Ortigas some 4 years ago haha. That's when I was still working in the area. I haven't been to Mercato simply because it's far away from my place hehe. But if I'll be there in the future, I might also try. Thanks for the recommendation. :-)

  34. Rainbow Journal

    Mercato Centrale at BGC is the best night food market I've been to so far. :)

  35. Saralee Joy Abesamis

    never heard of this before! very interesting! the last time i ate in a place like this was like 2yrs ago! is this better than the morning market at salcedo? the emerald night market at ortigas is it still going on?

  36. Rainbow Journal

    Hmmm… I'll do my research… I'd like visit the one in MetroWalk too, if they're still there. I like eating eh! Ahaha! Thanks for the word.

  37. Sherlane Fortunado

    I already heard of Mercato from my former office mate before and she said that the food is delicious.

  38. Jing Dalagan

    Rainbow Journal That's nice. I remember going to MetroWalk kasi dati, and my friends referred to the dining booths we ate as part of Mercato Centrale :D

  39. Rainbow Journal

    I'm not so sure about that. The Mercato Group is opening a lot of new night food market everywhere. :)

  40. Jing Dalagan

    Is this the same as Mercato Centrale at MetroWalk before?

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