NOTE: This post is a collection of the few times I’ve been to the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound Show. I tried to go every year, but adulting. LOL!

Like my post on SM MOA’s Parade of Lights, this post gets a lot of visits during the holiday season. So I try my best to update it whenever I get new information on the year’s schedule.

Please see the Updates section of this post for the latest information about the Ayala Triangle Lights & Sounds Show (aka Ayala Triangle Gardens Gallery of Lights).

I first learned of the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show in 2012. I had my hesitations during my first visit there, but now it has become an annual activity I look forward to spending with the family. The kids just can’t get enough of the blinking lights, and the food trip at Mercato that comes after.

We’ve been gong to the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show almost every year. It’s become some sort of tradition. I haven’t added new photos here, but the schedule is updated every year.

Be Informed
  • The Enchanting Ayala Lights and Sounds Show happens every 30 minutes
  • Starts 6 pm and ends 10 pm, daily
  • Will run until January 8

We went there on a Saturday, so I’m not sure if the following holds true on weekdays.

  • It can get REALLY crowded. Though people are still very courteous (I did not experience nor witness any pushing), it wouldn’t hurt to keep a close eye and a firm grip on the little ones.
  • Limited parking. The park has a rather small parking lot, though most guests do not stay long and there is a steady stream of vehicles entering and exiting the park.
  • Food places are packed. If you’re planning to eat at one of the restaurants within the park, be ready for long waits and even longer queues.

Some other nice things to note.

  • You can bring your pet. I have a dog, so I find this delightful.
  • You can set up a picnic, bring your own mat, food, drinks and stay as long as you want. A lot of people did. It is a public park after all.
  • They will leave the lights on for a few minutes after the show. So don’t scramble trying to take your photos during the show and not enjoy it as a consequence.

The 2014 Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds show is much shorter than 2013’s. It lasted just five minutes (first presentation). The succeeding ones, the presentation was played two consecutive times.

There is no particular theme for the 2014 Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds show, both local and international Christmas songs were played. The 2012 Ayala Triangle Light Show is still the best one in my opinion.

Show starts 6:00 pm and plays every 30 minutes until 9:00 pm. Scheduled until December 31.


2013’s Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show is not as extravagant as the one before it. It was awesome, still, of the organizers to push through with the free light show. From what I read somewhere, the funds to be used for the show was donated to those affected by typhoon Haiyan.

It was a simpler and shorter presentation compared to last year’s Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show. Learning from last year that pets are allowed at the park, I decided to bring my darling Arya the pug with me. She really didn’t care for the lights, but she was able to make a few kids smile with her irresistible cuteness! :D


“Kumukutikititap, Bumubusibusilak, Ganyan ang indak ng mga bumbilya…” Is that how it goes?

Try as I may, I was not able to stop myself from singing this Filipino Christmas song while waiting for the Ayala Triangle Light Show (formally, The Enchanting Ayala Lights and Sounds Show 2012) to start.

I (with some hesitation) went there, with the entire family, mainly for my nephews. Most kids, in my opinion, are dazzled by bright, multi-colored, dancing lights. Given that it is a free admittance show at the Ayala Triangle Park (just behind the Philippine Stock Exchange building, if you’re coming from Ayala), I wasn’t expecting much.

The Ayala Triangle Light Show started off with soft music, some smoke, lasers and then the lights… Oh what beautiful lights! Hahaha! The lights were synchronously dancing to different interpretations of famous Filipino Christmas carols. There was one song given a techno beat and it was all green laser-lights about.

The entire exhibition lasted about 12-15 minutes and ended a bit anti-climactic for my taste. I was hoping for a blindingly-bright, seizure-inducing spectacle. The organizers, however, opted for a more solemn approach; with a beautiful chorus to conclude the lights and sound show. It still worked, the crowd’s applause affirmed that. CLAP-CLAP-CLAP!

Final Thoughts

I went to the Ayala Triangle Light Show thinking only the kids will enjoy it. Couldn’t be more wrong. I was not able to take a lot of photos, and the ones I have will not do the show justice. I have several videos though; unfortunately, those too are terrible. Hahaha! So if you live/work in/near the Makati area, why not take a peek. Bring some  frappe, your favorite pastry and a couple of friends and enjoy the Ayala Triangle Light Show! It’s free after all.


22 September 2017 – The Ayala Lights and Sounds Show pretty much follow the same schedule every year.

29 November 2018 – This year’s Ayala Triangle Light Show, formally titled “Reimagine the Magic: A Festival of Lights” happens everyday, every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 10 pm until January 8, 2019.

11 November 2019 – The Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Show 2019 officially starts on November 12, 2019 at 6:00 pm

13 November 2019 – The Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds, now called ‘Gallery of Lights’, will run from November 12, 2019 to January 12, 2020. Show starts at 6 pm with the last show capping at 10 pm.

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  1. Slick Master

    I once passed this area during their early editions of Xmas walk (I think that was in 2011), and either way I agree – I think Makati CBD was the most disciplined place in the Metropolitan nowadays.

  2. Rainbow Journal

    I see that there are still a lot of people viewing this post. I haven't had the chance to see the show yet. According to their website, the schedule remains the same for this year. Though I believe they have choirs and other performers from different schools showcasing their talents every night.

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