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Small Talk, Big Flavors: Legazpi City’s Small Talk Cafe

Highly recommended and featured countless times on TV shows, newspaper articles and blog reviews. A usual dining venue for visiting dignitaries, personalities and celebrities. Small Talk Cafe has indeed made a name for itself. It has become an attraction of its own. Listed in the itinerary of vacationers in Legazpi City, sharing some of the […]

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Dear Bigg’s Diner, When Will You Open a Store in Metro Manila?

I may not have been able to research on where to stay in Legazpi, but I sure was able to list down a number of highly recommended restaurants by bloggers who’ve been or are from Albay. Talk about priorities! Hahaha! From this list, we were able to check out Bigg’s Diner and Small Talk Cafe, two […]

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Legazpi City and Surrounding Areas: The Tourist Round in One Day

All we really wanted was to see Mayon. Caramoan was a last minute addition to our Bicol trip. The original plan is to go straight to Legazpi via sleeper train and spend the entire duration of what was then a three to four days vacation exploring the city and the surrounding towns. The more my research […]

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