Dear Bigg’s Diner, When Will You Open a Store in Metro Manila?

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I may not have been able to research on where to stay in Legazpi, but I sure was able to list down a number of highly recommended restaurants by bloggers who’ve been or are from Albay. Talk about priorities! Hahaha! From this list, we were able to check out Bigg’s Diner and Small Talk Cafe, two of the most blogged about food places I found during my NagaLegazpi research.

Bigg’s Diner is the biggest food chain in the Bicol region and have recently expanded to the CALABARZON (Laguna and Batangas) area. For a complete list of Bigg’s branches and menu, you may visit their cool-looking website or facebook page.


The interior of Bigg’s Diner is reminiscent of old American diners. Various vintage looking knick-knacks, album covers, posters and many other things adorn the walls. The retro feel extends to the furnishings and the staffs’ uniform.

Bigg’s Diner’s retro look is a welcome change from the usual design that most food chains have. It gives the diner a lot of character and makes it stand out from the bunch.


Bigg’s Diner’s distinctiveness goes beyond the interiors. Despite the attention placed into the restaurant’s decorations, the highlight, undoubtedly, remains to be the food.

The extensive menu includes Western, Filipino and Bicolano dishes, offering something for everyone. Bigg’s prices are about the same range as that of the more ubiquitous food chains.

We ordered Bigg’s Bacon Cheese Burger and Tanguigue Steak (I was really surprised to see this on the menu) and two large iced teas. Total cost was less than Php 400.

Everything tasted fresh. From the vegetables in the burger to the fish. There is texture when you bite into the burger, you can tell that it was made from real ground beef. Bigg’s portions doesn’t leave you wanting. And more importantly, the food is really good!

Final Thoughts

Having read such good reviews about Bigg’s Diner, my expectations were set real high. Those expectations were met and then some.

The retro feel and the collection of small, old items decorating the restaurant are sure conversation starters. Knowing that time and effort were given to achieve its vintage look makes dining at Bigg’s a little more personal.

Then there’s the food. Even though we were only able to sample two of their dishes, the flavor and freshness of the food is very telling of what the rest of Bigg’s menu is like.

Having round about the same pricing as other major food chains, and the level of freshness and taste they offer makes for a great recipe for a repeat dining. I just hope Bigg’s Diner opens a store in Metro Manila, soon!


05 July 2019 – Bigg’s Diner just posted an image on their facebook page, hinting at a store in Metro Manila by September. Finally!

14 July 2019 – Bigg’s Diner will be opening their first store in Metro Manila at SM Fairview.

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