Is Vikings Buffet at Mall of Asia (MOA) Worth All the Hype?

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It’s been over a year since Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant “docked” at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Grounds. With Filipinos being such food lovers Vikings Buffet inevitably became the talk of the food blogosphere.

Reviews were mixed, with some saying Vikings Buffet is comparable to hotel buffets while others conclude Vikings Buffet needed more time to mature before it can be counted as a true-blue, eat-all-you-can buffet contender. My friends and I are soon to find out.

Be Informed

Before heading to Vikings Buffet make sure to book a reservation. Vikings Buffet is usually packed during dinner and weekends; and if you’re a big group, you may have difficulty getting a table.  I sent them an email inquiring about the schedule and rates, from which I received a very prompt response…

Hello. Here are our rates:

Adult Weekday lunch – 688 plus 5% service charge Weekday dinner – 888 plus 5% service charge Weekend lunch and dinner and holiday – 1088 plus 5% service charge

Kids below 3 feet are free of charge.

Kids between 3ft to 4ft: Weekday lunch-288 plus 5% service charge Weekday dinner – 388 plus 5% service charge Weekends and holidays – 488 plus 5% service charge

Kids between 4ft to 4ft6in: Weekday lunch – 388 plus 5% service charge Weekday dinner – 588 plus 5% service charge Weekend and holidays – 688 plus 5% service charge

Lunch starts at 11AM-2:30PM and dinner starts at 5:30PM- 10PM. No time limit.

We have a birthday promo which will run until November 30. Celebrants get to eat for free as long as they will celebrate their birthday here on the day itself, must present a VALID ID and must be accompanied by at least one FULL paying adult.

Here are Vikings Buffet’s numbers: 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888 and 0917-565-3888. You can check Vikings Buffet’s facebook page for for further information.


Vikings Buffet’s interiors stayed true to the “Luxury” appended in its name; the decorations, food stations, furnishings and the little accents pronounce superfluity. Also, the chairs are very comfortable and amply cushioned (in anticipation of those extra pounds to be gained).

As mentioned earlier, Vikings Buffet gets especially busy on dinners and weekends; and (guess what?) we went there on a Saturday night. The restaurant is packed, with not a single vacant table (or chair, for that matter) in sight.

It tends to feel a bit crowded, with people going about deciding which dish to try first, the restaurant staff (with their trolleys) making sure the food stations do not go empty (the beverage section often did though-especially my preferred four seasons, unfortunately), plus the innumerable individuals having their photos taken beside the buffet stations  (and I tell you, I did a fair amount of dodging to keep from being included in their frames). This, the way I see it, gives Vikings Buffet a more festive air.


Enough talk of rates, reservations, interiors and photo-addicts; let us proceed to the best part, the reason for going to Vikings Buffet, the food! The first thing that came to mind, with such a wide variety of dishes, is to create a game plan so that I get to try as many as possible (it’s my cheat day anyway *wink).

I wanted to document how many plates I’d be able to finish, thus the photos. All good meals must start with an appetizer (plate one). And what better appetizer than caviar… This would be the first time my taste buds are introduced to the flavor of this once exclusive luxury reserved only for the upper echelons of society. Perhaps my uncomplicated taste buds weren’t meant for such, I didn’t find anything special with how it tasted.

Sushi… Oh sushi! To my great pleasure, Vikings Buffet have such a wide assortment of sushi and maki; it was a struggle to keep myself from piling my second plate with them, but one look at the food stations I haven’t visited yet and I was able to detach myself from the sushi area (ever so reluctantly).

Next, Dumplings! By the way, Vikings Buffet doesn’t have the “no sharing” or “no leftovers” rule. They, however, have reminders on food wasting to keep their rates low (which makes sense).

I was quite reluctant in trying Vikings Buffet’s baked mussels. Well, in general I’m on the cautious side when eating mussels (when in restaurants near Metro Manila); the thought of them originating from Manila Bay is enough to have my stomach doing triple somersaults! I’m happy to report that I did not have any stomach problems after our Vikings Buffet visit. Haha!

At this point, I’m feeling a bit full. Apart from the ones on my plate, I’ve also been taking bites from my friends’ plates. Huge bites!

I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I made sure to leave some room for dessert. Vikings Buffet have quite an array of desserts ranging from pastries and cakes to yogurts, ice cream and kakanin (Filipino snacks made from glutinous rice). In total I was able to clear eight plates (not bad…), three of which are desserts!

Final Thoughts

1,088 (plus 5% service charge) is a considerable amount for one person to spend for a dinner; though I’d say it’s money worth spending at Vikings Buffet.

Sure, other restaurants offer set meals for a group of 3-5 persons for the same amount; however, that doesn’t give you the same diversity of dishes, which is one major consideration when choosing and going to a buffet restaurant, and Vikings Buffet is able to deliver in that aspect.

With that much food waiting to be consumed, it almost felt like winning a golden ticket and being allowed access to Willy Wonka’s factory (and that is a good feeling). Altogether, Vikings: Luxury Buffet Restaurant at MOA Grounds (apart from the crawling refill of the beverage section) is a positive experience worth doing again.


03 August 2017 – Updated Vikings Buffet’s contact details
04 August 2017 – Updated rates, added link to Vikings Buffet’s website

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  1. Nalla

    Example: for a bill of 5,000. 5% of 5,000 is 250 so the total bill will be 5,250. If you divide it into 5 person and add 5% per person so that would be 1,000 per person plus 50 (5% of 1,000) = 1,050 x 5 will still give you a total bill of 5,250.

  2. Nalla

    5% per person or 5% on the total bill is just the same.

  3. May Anne Flores Cabral

    Hi. How will they add the 5% service charge? Each person? Or in total bill?

  4. Barbara Piguing Endaya

    Rainbow Journal during my b-day,i told them beforehand that i'd just have that piece of b-day cake and no need for that birthday serenade. ok w/ them .

  5. Carolina Buenafe Albano

    If for example i booked for 12 people and only 8 showed up, will ther be any problem?

  6. Imelda de Maio

    Are u open on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve?

  7. Fraser Cherry Anne

    hi can ask lng puh? how can I make reservetion for may 6 :) thnks.

  8. Rainbow Journal

    I don't think you have a choice… Haha!

  9. Nica Mandigma

    that would be a little embarassing! I just want the freebie! hehehehe

  10. Rainbow Journal

    That would be a great way to celebrate your birthday. They will even sing for you, with balloons, party hats and all! Hope you have a great day on your special day, Happy Birthday!

  11. Nica Mandigma

    It's good to know that they have a bday promo! I'm thinking of trying this on Monday — my bday! I have to confirm though.

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