Prestige Cruises: The Not-So-Prestigious Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise

Manila Bay may now be notorious for its filthy waters, but it was firstly known for its world renowned, amazing sunset. And what better way to marvel at this famous natural wonder? On a yacht of course! One company that lets you experience the wondrous beauty of the Manila Bay sunset, in style, is Prestige Cruises Inc.

It was with Sun Cruises (you may be familiar with their Corregidor tours), also on a Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise, that I first had the opportunity to board a yacht. It was such a pleasant surprise learning that this kind of service exists. Since then I have been encouraging friends to experience the same.

My friends and I have been planning to go on a Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise together, having told them how wonderful it had been for me. The perfect opportunity came when someone at the office was selling their tickets to Prestige Cruises’ Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise (bought from a group buying site).

Be Informed

Prestige Cruises Inc. Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise Rate
MV Eagle Cruiser with dinner – Php 850
MV Prestige One with dinner – Php 1,500
(there are often deals online for up to 50% off)

Prestige Cruises Inc. Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise Schedule
6 pm and 8 pm
Boarding starts 30 mins before schedule

Prestige Cruises Inc. Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise Boarding Area
Esplanade Seaside terminal, Seaside Boulevard MOA Complex, Pasay City

Prestige Cruises Inc. Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruis Contact details:
(02) 832 8200/ (0917) 5255455
[email protected]
You may also visit Prestige Cruises’ facebook page and website for more information.


An offer marketed as “A Unique, Delicious Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise” at 50% off is too good to resist. Thousands of Prestige Cruises’ Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise vouchers have been sold on multiple group buying sites.

With vouchers selling like pancakes, it was hard to make reservations, especially if you are a group (there were five of us). We were finally able to book seats on a Wednesday, 8 pm. So much for the Manila Bay sunset. But we were optimistic, the Manila skyline looks good at night.

I suggest to make your reservations with Prestige Cruises via email, they do respond promptly. Phone lines are usually busy.

Interiors and Entertainment

Prestige Cruises’ ship has three decks. You may sit wherever you choose. The top deck offers the best view, mid-deck is where the band plays, while the lower most houses the buffet spread. No area of the ship has air-conditioning, except perhaps the bridge (I’m not sure).

During our trip, the monobloc chairs were bare. It was rather unsightly and cheap-looking. The table linen also had all sorts of stain. Not very romantic at all.

Diners are serenaded by an acoustic band. Music selection can be better. Instead of playing blues or jazz or bossa that would’ve complemented the ambiance, they opted for karaoke music, ones that you hear in street side videoke bars.


Then there’s the food situation.

The voucher says, “Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise”. If you’re expecting something along the lines mall buffets, then you’ll be disappointed. I really wasn’t expecting much on this part of the deal. The food during our Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise with Sun Cruises was acceptable at best. At least with that cruise, we were actually able to sample the food.

My friends and I decided to spend the cruise enjoying the cool breeze of the sea and the bright lights of the Manila skyline over standing along the really, really long queue to the lone buffet table. If you haven’t had dinner or anything to eat since lunch, then this is a terrible idea. There’s barely anything by the time we reached the buffet spread.

They do have people on the other side of the buffet table serving the diners, I guess to control portions; but there’s just too many people. Also, you can’t blame anyone if they wanted second helpings. It is an “Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise” after all.

Final Thoughts

Each person living in this planet have social responsibilities. And it is our duty to uphold them, regardless if we are/aren’t in the public eye. What I’m trying to drive at is that companies are not exempt of this and that they should deliver what they promise. To not be driven only by profit to the point that you would almost think that they are preying on the public and their hard-earned peso. Writing negative things about anything is something I don’t fancy doing. I’m no critic. This article is not meant to fault-find, rather, to inform.

Prestige Cruises’ yacht is bigger, newer and grander than its major competition. It’s also great that they teamed up with group buying sites to offer their services at a more affordable rate. Unfortunately, a lot of corners were cut.

Stain-riddled tables, unsightly monobloc chairs, mediocre entertainment and barely enough food for its passengers are sure to make any paying patron feel cheated on. It also robs you the romance, especially for those celebrating a special occasion, of being on a yacht and watching the sunset or the lights of the city skyline. I’m not sure if their service was the same before people started pouring in due to the cheaper rates, but changes needs to be done.

Despite all this, I still consider it a good night out. My friends and I enjoyed the experience, the view and each other’s company.


27 September 2019 – Updated links to facebook page and website. Updated Prestige Cruise’s Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise rates and boarding area.

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  1. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Edward! Thanks for sharing your experience with Prestige Cruise Ship's Manila Bay Cruise & Sunset Dinner Buffet. I agree, the crew are very service-oriented and polite. Did you have to wait in line for a long time to get your food? There were a few hiccups, but it was a generally good experience for me and my friends. :)

  2. Edward Mababangloob

    I bought 10 vouchers Manila Bay Cruise & Sunset Dinner Buffet by The Cravings Group with the Prestige Cruise Ship and availed last night. Everything went well and the whole family and our kumare's family enjoyed the experience. ALL SMILES celebrating the graduation of our kumare's eldest. Got flooded with facebook posts/pictures already. The food was normal and ok. The singers and the music were great. The personnel and all the crew were polite and portrayed quality service and in complete uniform. Highly recommended.

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