Sun Cruises’ Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise: A Wonderful Discovery

Manila, for a waterfront city, has a relatively underdeveloped bay area compared to many of its Asian neighbors. Although in the past few years, Manila Bay seem to be playing catch up with the massive boom in development of the reclaimed areas along the bay. There are more planned reclamation projects that are subject of heated debates. Whether these projects push through or not, there is one Manila Bay attraction that is undeniably its best. The sunset.

For many years, I envisioned watching the Manila Bay sunset as a crammed and confined business along the baywalk. That is until I discovered Sun Cruises’ Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise.

Be Informed

Sun Cruises’ Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Sun Cruises’ website can be terribly confusing with conflicting information on different pages of the site. The information below is taken from a response to an email I sent them.

Php 550/person
Includes plated dinner

4:15 pm, 6:15 pm and 8: 15 pm
Passengers are required to check-in 15 mins before departure time for the passenger manifest inclusion.

Boarding area:
Esplanade Seaside Terminal
Seaside Blvd., SM MOA Complex

Contact details:
(02) 834-6857 to 58, (02) 831-8140
(0917) 513-2625, (0922) 337-0068
[email protected]

Sun Cruises also offer tours to Corregidor Island. You may visit their website for more information.

Reservations & Interiors

Unlike Prestige Cruises, I have not seen Sun Cruises offer their Manila Bay sunset dinner cruise on any group buying site. Despite this, seats are quick to be filled. This is why it is paramount to buy your tickets early and make reservations days ahead, especially if you plan on going on a weekend. This is exceptionally true during the Saturdays coinciding with the Pyromusical Competition at SM Mall of Asia.

Sun Cruises’ M/V Spirit of Manila is a small yacht with two decks. The lower deck has air-conditioning, while the upper is al fresco. The ship is nicely decorated with white draperies across the ceiling and down the railings, making for a romantic appeal.

Despite the dark shade, (fresh) stains are noticeable on the table cloth. I don’t think they change it after every cruise. All tables and chairs were covered. No monoblocs in sight. Thank you very much!

Entertainment & Food

The band, whose performance I enjoyed very much, plays at the upper deck. The acoustic songs in their playlist sound current. They also interact with the passengers. Get ready to be bullied into some public display of affection if it’s your anniversary. :)

During our Manila Bay dinner cruise, Sun Cruises is yet to introduce the Buffet Dinner Cruise on weekends which started December 2013.

The plated dinner includes chicken afritada, fish fillet with white sauce, rice, buttered vegetables (corn, peas and carrots),  a muffin for dessert and a glass of iced tea. The portions leave you wanting and there’s really nothing special with how it all tasted. There was only one wait staff on each deck, so it may take some time before your food is served. Better than waiting in line to the buffet table. Best take this opportunity to enjoy the view.

Final Thoughts

The Manila Bay sunset is truly a sight to behold. No wonder a lot of people are against the further reclamation of the bay area and the construction of huge buildings and high-rise condos that block the view of the bay.

With how the system and politics operate in this country, having higher regard for revenue than preserving nature and culture, it is likely that soon only the upper class, in their exclusive posh shopping malls and ridiculously expensive condos, are going to be the only ones who can revel in the amazing natural beauty that is the Manila Bay sunset.

All the more Manila Bay sunset cruises become relevant. It is truly a wonderful service. Like Prestige Cruises, despite being marketed as a dinner cruise, food is definitely not the strongest selling point. The romantic ambiance, good entertainment and of course the Manila Bay sunset makes Sun Cruises’ Manila Bay dinner cruise an experience worth having at least once.


27 September 2019 – Updated Sun Cruise’s Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise docking area and rates

24 October 2020 – Sun Cruises officially closed last May 16, 2020.

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  1. rainbowjournal

    Hi Rogee! Thanks! That particular jeepney is a service for Sun Cruises’ Sunset Dinner Cruise patrons. It takes the customers from their main/booking office to where the yacht is docked.

  2. Rogee Pe-Pua

    Hello! Your photo of the jeepney is so beautiful! Where can I find that?

  3. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Christine! Thanks for visiting my blog. You may contact them through the ff channels for reservations. :)
    02) 834-6857 to 58
    (02) 831-8140
    (0917) 513-2625
    (0922) 337-0068
    [email protected]

  4. Christine Esmeria Cabrido

    how can i reserve?

  5. Rainbow Journal

    Were both sunset dinner cruise you tried with Sun Cruises or with Prestige? I agree, it is a great and different way to see Manila. :)

  6. Samantha Isabel Coronado

    I have tried the sunset dinner cruise twice. Definitely a great way to experience Manila :)

  7. Rainbow Journal

    Thanks for visiting Kuya Manzano. Exactly, the Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise is something different from the usual night out.

  8. Kuya Manzano

    Great. Getting ideas for romantic nights out. And it's pretty affordable naman, sure makes a different night out. ty :-)

  9. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Maritel! Yes, the upper deck is open so you have a view while enjoying your dinner. The food is average and portions (if you like eating, like myself) will leave you wanting. :)
    Still, it's a great experience. Especially if you're with someone special. Hehe!

  10. Maritel Riego Ledesma

    Is there a viewing deck on the boat? how's the food? I would like to try this when I go to Manila sometime in June :)

  11. Mitch Ryan

    I really do hope they are going to push through with whatever reclamation plans they have. Manila Bay sunset is popular, and it could really lure more tourists if the place is clean. Aside from this, water is very important part in our ecosystem even if it does not have a spectacular sunset, it is still worth reclaiming!

  12. Rainbow Journal

    Hahaha! It is romantic indeed… Though I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much with friends. :)

  13. Raymond Nicolas

    Wow nice naman. Pero I guess you have to have a special someone with you in order to enjoy this cruise. Tama? :-)

  14. Maria Theresa Dalagan

    Rainbow Journal Thanks. I plan to try it soon enough :D

  15. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Maria Theresa! The cruise goes around Manila Bay, from the CCP complex to the MOA area. Takes about an hour while you enjoy a sit-down dinner and of course the view. It's really worth trying at least once. :)

  16. Maria Theresa Dalagan

    The cruise simply stays there? For how long? And what other stops do they have if ever? :D

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