Kuta Beach: Getting There and Accommodations

Itinerary & Expenses

On our way to the seventh stop in our SEA by Train vacation in Indonesia, Kuta.

The last leg of our trip in Indonesia takes us to one of the top tourist attractions in the most popular visitor destination in Indonesia. We’re not club goers, the main reason we placed Kuta last in our itinerary is for the beach. We knew we were in for a frenetic exploit, and nothing relieves a weary body better than the comforting, warm sea waters.

Getting There

Getting to Kuta from Ubud, and vice versa, can’t be any more convenient. Tourist buses ply this route on a daily basis, several times a day. Travel time will take around an hour or so, depending on traffic. Ticket costs IDR 50,000.

I suggest booking at least a day ahead, especially on weekends, as seats are quickly filled. Others may advise against this as some of the buses are poorly maintained and may not have any air-conditioning.

Same goes if you’re coming from the airport. There are tourist buses and taxis that can take you directly to Kuta.

After locating and checking in at our hotel in Kuta, we immediately looked for a place to eat. Whenever possible, we opt for street-side eateries. Places where the locals go to grab a bite.

As with the meal we had at Denpasar, our plate was filled with one meat and vegetable viand, a tofu and sauce for the rice. All that for just IDR 20,000. A bit more expensive than the ones we had at Denpasar, but hey, we’re at Kuta, one of the tourist meccas of Bali. Everything is bound to be more expensive.

We were also able to find an A&W store, where we came back for dinner. It’s been too long since I had a meal at A&W… I’m not sure if they still have stores in the Philippines.


As much as we wanted a beach-front room, the rates were just sky-high! We stayed at Bakung Sari Resort and Spa. A couple of blocks away from Kuta beach. We booked our room weeks ahead through Agoda and was able to get it at USD 28 per night.

Bakung Sari has its own spa, restaurant and pool. I like how all the rooms open up to the main courtyard, where the pool is. As expected, as with other places we visited in Indonesia, the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Rooms are spacious, though a bit old and dirty. The en suite bathroom could also use some cleaning up. The free breakfast included in the package is acceptable at best. There are a lot of Warungs just outside of the hotel where cheaper, better tasting meals can be had.

Located a few meters from one of the main roads, Bakung Sari offers some quiet from the usual bustle of Kuta. Making lounging by the pool quite relaxing.

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  1. Rainbow Journal

    Kuta Beach in Bali is definitely worth visiting. :)

  2. Michelle Padrelanan

    Wow, that place definitely looks beautiful. I hope we can go there one day.

  3. Ronnie Artus

    another nice place to go to! hope to go there someday!!!

  4. Rainbow Journal

    I know, I too got excited when I saw the A&W store in a mall near Kuta beach! Hahaha! Couldn't wait for dinner that day. :P

  5. Slick Master

    Say, did I just spot A&W store? Damn it, I remember their store before in SM Foodcourt in Cubao. Time flies. Okay, going back to the topic, damn… nice beach out there. Well, hopefully I could visit this place soon. Seems breathtaking.

  6. Rainbow Journal

    I will definitely write about our beach experience, April. I've got a lot of back log. Hahahaha! :P

  7. Rainbow Journal

    Thanks April! When you do visit Indonesia, hope you'd also visit my blog to share your experiences. Would love to hear them. :D

  8. Rainbow Journal

    Beach was okay. Kuta beach's sand is not as white or powdery as some of the top beaches in the Philippines.

  9. Rainbow Journal

    Glad that yo find this post very informative. That's what I was aiming at. :)

  10. Rainbow Journal

    Being an archipelago, Indonesia shares a lot of common characteristics as the Philippines. And yes, they do have nice beaches too. :)

  11. Janice Lim

    This looks like a nice place to stay. Yeah, beach front accommodations can get quite expensive. I'd love to see the beach here. Are you going to write a post about it? :)

  12. April Ibañez

    Wow! I love your Indonesia trip! Hope to visit the place too! Thanks for the tips!

  13. Pink My Ride

    The hotel and cottages look beautiful. Is the beach nice?

  14. Shirgie Scf

    Very direct and informative post. Thanks for giving us tips on how to get to Kuta beach and the accommodation. I will keep this post so I can check it again once I visit Indonesia.

  15. Mitch Ryan

    Indonesia is definitely one of the Asian countries with beautiful beaches. I would love to visit Kuta Beach someday.

  16. Rainbow Journal

    I can see from your profile photo that you love the beach, Lauren. :D
    Hope you do get to visit Bali soon. :)

  17. Lauren Ashley

    OMG!! I'm a beach person and really love nature than clubs. The place is good and beautiful. Hope I can visit that place soon enough.

  18. Rainbow Journal

    I agree with you, the beaches here are way better. What I really liked about Bali is the culture and how even the current generation practice them.

  19. Fred Hawson

    I did not really like Bali when we went there. The beaches here in the Philippines remain to be better. But I envy their unique artistic style visible in their architecture.

  20. Rainbow Journal

    Visiting another country, now more than ever, has become much more accessible. There are airline promos left and right! And Bali is not that expensive of a place to go to. :)

  21. David D'Angelo

    Wow! So many place to visit and really exciting. Hmmm I am wondering when I can go to these place.

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