The seventh stop in our SEA by Train vacation in Indonesia, Kuta.

If you’ve been following this series, then you are most likely aware that during our last day in Ubud we realized that our pocket money is dwindling. To add insult to injury, we were not able to inform our banks that we will be out of the country, making access to our savings next to impossible.


Although I badly wanted to see the cliffs of Uluwatu and the sunset at Tanah Lot, limited cash meant foregoing the tours. We wanted to make sure we have enough for pasalubong shopping and airport/travel tax.

There is, of course, no shortage of activities and things to see in Kuta. What do they say about the best things in life? They are free. That is until you see a beautifully made, hand-crafted decor that you are sure will look perfect on top of one of the cabinets back home…

Consumerism is big in Kuta, restaurants, hotels and malls are at every turn. Think of Boracay, but on steroids! Come night time, restaurants and bars near the beach offer free shows. Bands, fire dancers, performers generating as much noise and fanfare, competing for attention to lure in customers. Almost a sensory overload.


The beach is an escape for a little peace and quiet. I like how they did not build structures too close to the sea. On certain areas, there is a road that separates the beach from the too many bars and establishments, filtering some of the blaring sounds and flashing lights.

Kuta-Seminyak-Legian beach in Bali is a long five-kilometer stretch. Travel guides suggest to head northward toward Seminyak and Legian where it is much quieter and with fewer crowds. We followed this tip and walked a good distance north. I’m not sure if we reached Seminyak or Legian, it’s not like there are markers, or none that I noticed, but the beach was definitely quieter and with less people. There we decided to lounge for a bit.

Surfing seems to be the favored water sport in Kuta beach. Waves are comparable to that of La Union. Sunset draws the most crowd to Kuta beach. During the few days we stayed there, not once did we witness a truly incredible sunset, hence the absence of any sunset themed photos. As recompense, we already had the best sunrises at Borobudur and Bromo.


Although we didn’t see that many temples in Kuta as we did in Ubud, culture is still very much palpable. Every now and then, you’d chance upon a lady carrying and laying offerings at just about every place imaginable.

This practice is most evident at the beach, where hundreds of small baskets filled with rice, flowers, candies and biscuits (among other things) are laid on the sand, some of which are eventually carried off to sea by the changing tides.


From Bali, we flew back to Jakarta where we await a 10-hour overlay back to Manila. We spent most of this time inside the fairly new Soekarno-Hatta terminal 3.

Having limited cash on this leg of our vacation was both burden and blessing. We no longer had the luxury of joining tours and seeing the sites, an expected activity when visiting new places. However, this disadvantage also proved beneficial.

The main reason why we placed Bali at the end of our itinerary is so that we can have time to relax and recuperate from the hectic, rigorous tour we subjected our selves to. Not having sufficient funds to join tours saved us from being on a rush trying to keep to a schedule and most likely ending up too tired at the end of the day to enjoy the slow, relaxed beach life. It also gave us an excuse to go back. :)

As we enter Philippine territory, we were greeted by yet another perfect sunrise. A sunrise more beautiful than any. A sunrise welcoming us back home.

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  1. Peachy Alvarez

    I haven't been to Bali. And looking at your photos really made me want to go see the place… You have such a nice blog and well taken photos. Will surely visit back! :)

  2. Rainbow Journal

    I hope you'd get to check Bali off of your bucket list soon. :)

  3. Janice Lim

    Bali is on my bucket list. I really hope I get to go there someday. I love the beach!

  4. Rainbow Journal

    I think travel makes you wiser. Hehehe! It's wonderful learning and experiencing other cultures. Here's to you traveling to other countries next year! Cheers!

  5. David D'Angelo

    I enby you for seeing Indonesia and Bali. Hope that I can also see this wonderful place. I never really been out of the country perhaps my first resolution next year would be to finally get a passport.

  6. Rainbow Journal

    Street smarts and haggling skills go a long way, even in a place like Bali. D

  7. Nestor M. Domingo Jr.

    Beaches can be the very cheapest resort for a vacation. Having less money in reality can be really sickening though knowing more ways and means on how to fix your budget can really serve as your edge.

  8. Rainbow Journal

    Tama ka dyan, Dizkarteng Noypi! Hehe! Who would've thought you can survive with very little in Bali! :D

  9. Rainbow Journal

    That we weren't able to find out… Hahaha!
    I would think that there are families assigned to it, as with the offerings. People in Bali take these things to heart, which is great. :)

  10. Rainbow Journal

    That we weren't able to find out… Hahaha!
    I would think that there are families assigned to it, as with the offerings. People in Bali take these things to heart, which is great. :)

  11. Stacy Lyn II Liong

    I wonder who cleans up the offerings after

  12. Dizkarteng Noypi

    Wow, amazing photos of places. napukaw din atensyon ko sa title, No money, no problem, nagawan nyo parin ng paraan, yan ang Dizkarte. ;)

  13. Rainbow Journal

    Thank the heavens for seat sales! Hahaha! We always monitor those too. Great way of saving and having a little more extra pocket money.

  14. Rainbow Journal

    There are tons of nicer beaches here in the Philippines, but Kuta beach does have its charms. :D

  15. Rainbow Journal

    Indeed! We learned a hard lesson then. :)

  16. Rainbow Journal

    When are you planning on going? Do check out my other articles for our Indonesia vacation. I'm sure you'd get loads of great ideas there. :)

  17. Rainbow Journal

    Thanks Aileen! :)
    Wonderful place to go on vacation to, Indonesia.

  18. Aileen Adalid

    You take great photos! Haven't been to Indonesia so this is a good 'overview' :)

  19. Fernando Ceballos Lachica

    Awesome place you visited and maybe next time, prepare for the worst.

  20. Don Garcia Jr.

    great shots! I hope to visit indonesia too..i've been trying to book on cebupac, they currently have a sale fare both local and international..

  21. Rainbow Journal

    Hi JA, I'm every bit a Filipino as you are… :)
    This was a trip we did to Indonesia.

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