The sixth stop in our SEA by Train vacation in IndonesiaUbud.

I tried and failed miserably. I’ve been trying to restrain the urge to reference the 187-week New York Times Bestselling Book by Elizabeth Gilbert since I started writing about the Ubud leg of our vacation in Indonesia. Now, on my fourth article chronicling our Ubud respite, I give in to the cliché that many people associate when visiting this part of the island of Bali.

Eat, Pray, Walk

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the book. Everything I know about it I got from the movie starred by Julia Roberts. Though it has its moments, I ultimately was not able to connect with the characters in the film. Perhaps it was not a very good adaptation, like most book-to-film movies are. Anyway…

Traffic in Ubud is not as congested compared to Kuta, except in the afternoon when the tourist buses arrive. Most of the restaurants, shops and hotels are crammed along the three main streets of Ubud: Jalan Raya Ubud and the parallel streets of Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Hanoman. Jalan Monkey Forest, the busier and more commercial one. All of which can be easily covered on foot.

Expect a lot of tourists. Despite the many commercial establishments in Ubud, the place still retains a certain artistic and cultural feel, seen not only on the products being sold but also the store decorations themselves. Most establishments, especially the spas, are open until 9 pm. There are also convenience stores and ATMs everywhere.

Everywhere in Ubud, every now and then, you’ll see someone lay an offering. I noticed that these are not confined to the statues and altars, some are laid in front of gates, stores and even the sidewalk. Better watch your step. We enjoyed taking photos of these little offerings. Most contain the traditional flower and incense, while some have biscuits and candies in them.

Monkey Forest

We were not able to go inside Ubud’s Monkey Forest. Our cash was running thin and we still have a few more days to spend in Kuta. If there’s one thing to remember to do before you leave for an out-of-country vacation, that is to call your bank so you’d be able to withdraw from your account. How very amateur of us!

Fortunately, you don’t have to go inside the park to see the monkeys. They are everywhere, terrorizing anyone foolish enough to give them food. They are inquisitive and will grab anything from you if you let them get too close.

Monkey Forest is located at the south end of Jalan Monkey Forest. Did you see that coming?! Hahaha! The entire street has monkey sculptures depicting daily human activities. The one with the scooter and the romantic couple are my favorite.

Jalan Hanoman, where Jangkrik Homestay is, and Jalan Monkey Forest intersect on both ends. There are also narrow alleyways that connect the two, making for less hassle when exploring these two main streets in Ubud.

Farewell, Jangkrik

On our last day at Jangkrik, we were presented with a visual treat. Our host’s entire family were preparing offerings. They make everything themselves, from the tiny baskets to meticulously placing the little flowers inside them. It was very nice seeing their entire family so involved in maintaining this tradition.

Upon check out, everybody said their goodbyes and send us off with the warmest thank yous and smiles. At that very moment, we wanted to stay in Ubud a few more days. :)

Final Thoughts

Our three days stay at Ubud was definitely not enough. Ubud is the kind of place where you just want to take things slow. Drink all of that culture and art in, let it simmer inside you and be one with it.

I extremely enjoyed walking around Ubud. We did it the first night we arrived and was at it again and again until the day we left for Kuta. Ubud has this vibe that makes you think, “I can live here…”

More than the tours, walking around Ubud is definitely the highlight of our stay there.  No wonder Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love in Ubud.

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  1. Rainbow Journal

    Hahahaha! Tourist trap! Pero kahit na, ang beach ay beach kahit may nag-shooting man dun o wala. :)

  2. Rainbow Journal

    Koboy na nagtitipid. Hahaha! :D

  3. Jerome Lupisan

    Sa dalawang beses na pumunta ako sa Bali, merong magkaibang beach na pinagdalhan sa akin na parehong nagsasabing doon raw shinyuting yung Eat Pray Love. Hindi ko alam hanggang ngayon kung alin doon ang tunay at kung meron man sa dalawang iyon. Kungsabagay, parehong hindi ko naman nabasa ang libro at napanood ang pelikula kaya't ayos laang kung iba napuntahan ko. Hehe.

  4. Slick Master

    Eat, pray, walk….now that sounds like a 'koboy'

  5. Rainbow Journal

    That didn't cross my mind. Hehehe! When we went to Thailand, there were indeed a lot of stray dogs. I don't remember seeing stray dogs in Indonesia though, which is amazing!

  6. Chel Inumerable

    Rainbow Journal exercise na din hehe worth it naman :p

  7. Rainbow Journal

    Haven't compiled all of our expenses yet. Once I'm done writing all of the articles for our Indonesia vacation, I'll be posting it here. :)

  8. Rainbow Journal

    Ubud was the most relaxed part of our trip, despite all the walking we did. Hehe!

  9. Mitch Ryan

    Offerings like these are also found in Thailand. What is so surprising though is that street dogs do not eat them.

  10. Hazel Reambillo

    Curious about the travel costs, if say, for a 3 day 2 night tour? The pictures piqued my interest, definitely adding this to my bucket list!

  11. Chel Inumerable

    Your ubud experience sounds really rewarding. Your pictures show how rich their culture is and you're right when you said you have to take it slow here, there's too much to see and breathe in. You dont want to miss anything.

  12. Rainbow Journal

    Looking back, we did quite a bit of walking… Never looked at it as exercising before though. Hahaha! I was too consumed by the new things I was seeing. :)

  13. Karen Tuazon

    Bali always come first on my mind when Indonesia is the topic. I'd be happy to explore Ubud on foot too…so I can exercise and fill my eyes with wonderful things.

  14. Rainbow Journal

    Well, I can't blame you. Who doesn't like to shop? Hehehe! Especially when at a foreign place. But, yeah… Sometimes it's nice to experience the arts and culture instead of shopping.

  15. Jennifer Lopez Gana

    Food, Arts and Culture, that's what I always wanted to experience when travelling. But you see, everytime I travel with my friends, we always end up shopping and staying in a nice hotel. Talo ako, magisa lang ako sila 5 hehe! Like when we visited Bangkok last year, buti napagbigyan ako to watch a musical kahit papaano, pero I'm looking forward to this kind of travel with them.

  16. Rainbow Journal

    From visiting your blogs, I see that you also had your share of traveling. :)

  17. Fernando Ceballos Lachica

    Very nice of you in visiting this place and experience other culture. As for me, I'm just a watcher.

  18. Rainbow Journal

    I haven't really computed all of it yet, Don. Hahaha! I've been posting some of the expenses on certain articles. Once I'm done blogging about the entire vacation I'll make sure to post it here. :)

  19. Rainbow Journal

    Thanks Jonah! Do share with us your experience when you visit Bali. And yes, walk around Ubud. It's such a nice place. :)

  20. Don Garcia Jr.

    wow! great photos! is it ok to ask if how much is the total cost of your travel?

  21. Jonah Marie Chipeco

    Nice photos :) I'd love to visit this place (and take a walk), too.

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