Itinerary & Expenses – 6 days Pangasinan Family Vacation (Manaoag, Bolinao, Anda, Hundred Islands)

We’ve recently been going on annual family vacations during the Christmas holidays. I haven’t been able to write about the others and decided to start with our most recent one: Pangasinan. This trip, incidentally, is the shortest. Lasting only 6 days from our usual two-week vacations.

Please feel free to pick and choose which portion of our itinerary you’d like to use. Do make sure that you allot enough leeway for travel times and delays.

Please note that the following are our major/necessary expenses. This does not include purchases like snacks, supplies, souvenirs, etc. Prices are on a per person basis (except accommodations) unless otherwise specified. You also may have noticed that some meals didn’t make it into this list. It’s hard keeping track of those, cause I eat a lot! Hahaha!

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Day 1

Lunch at Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village PHP 1,838 (9 people)
Accommodation Bolinao: Inson’s Place Patar White Beach PHP 3,000/night

Day 2

  • Explore: Bolinao attractions
    • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
    • Enchanted Cave Bolinao
    • Bolinao Falls 1
    • Patar White Beach
  • Eat: Sungayan Grill
Enchanted Cave Resort Bolinao Day Tour Entrance PHP 200/person, senior citizen: 20% off, 5 yo below: free
Enchanted Cave Resort Bolinao Parking PHP 50
Lunch at Sungayan Grill PHP 1,545
Bolinao Falls 1 Entrance PHP 20/person
Bolinao Falls 1 Parking PHP 50

Day 3

  • Explore: Patar White Beach
  • Accommodation check-out: Inson’s Place Patar White Beach
  • Travel: Patar White Beach to Tondol White Sand Beach
  • Accommodation check-in: Villa Cecilia Tondol White Sand Beach
  • Explore: Anda, Pangasinan
    • Anda Town Proper
    • Tondol White Sand Beach
Accommodation Tondol: Villa Cecilia Tondol White Sand Beach PHP 3,500/night
Use of LPG for cooking PHP 200

Day 4

  • Explore: Tondol
    • Tondol White Sand Beach
    • Tandoyong Island
  • Accommodation check-out: Villa Cecilia Tondol White Sand Beach
  • Travel: Tondol White Sand Beach to Lucap Wharf
  • Accommodation check-in: Ed Transient House
  • Explore: Lucap Wharf
Accommodation Hundred Islands: Ed Transient House PHP 3,000/night

Day 5

  • Explore: Hundred Islands National Park
    • Governor’s Island
    • Virgin Island
    • Snorkeling
    • Quezon Island
    • Children’s Island
    • Cuenco Island
    • Pilgrimage Island
Hundred Islands National Park Day Tour PHP 1,800

*See blog post for a detailed list of Hundred Islands National Park Tour Rates

Day 6

  •  Accommodation check-out: Ed Transient House
  • Travel: Pangasinan to Manila


  • Toll fee and gas expenses are not included as that may differ from your point of origin.
  • Only meal expenses from restaurants are included. We often buy from the market/grocery to save.

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