Tondol White Sand Beach, where we will be spending most of our time in Anda, is about an hour away from Patar Beach in Bolinao. This time around, we made sure to use the main road, instead of Google Maps’ suggested shotcut.

We wanted to get to the beach as early as possible to make the most of our two-day stay there. Also, based on my research, the best time to explore Tondol White Sand Beach is in the morning when the tide is low.

Be Informed

Anda town proper is much smaller and definitely less busier than that of Bolinao. You’ll definitely get the probinsya feels here. Reminded me of my childhood in Daet. It was great!

The local market is often the best place to start when visiting a new place. You’ll find most things you’d need there. There are also tricycle terminals around the market, which are the main mode of transportation on the island.

I didn’t see any fastfood chains and big restaurants around.  Eateries are few and far between. There is a food court on the second floor of the local market. There are also no big restaurants in the Tondol White Sand Beach area. The ones we went to were commissioned to cook for the big groups on excursion at one of the resorts.

Cash is the main mode of payment on the island. Though there are ATMs at the town proper, I didn’t get to check if they are working. I suggest bringing enough cash or withdrawing from the other bigger towns.

In case you forgot something from town, there’s a small grocery at JCT Beach Resort. They have most of the basics covered.


Looking at photos of Tondol White Sand Beach, I made sure to book a beach-front property during our stay there. Options are limited, given that it’s a short stretch of beach, and most are often fully booked.

We stayed at Villa Cecilia Beach Resort. The bahay kubo (nipa house) we rented has a small kitchen. There’s an additional fee of PHP 200 if you’re going to use the stove. There’s a small living space and two bedrooms stacked on top of each other.

We barely got to use the cottage by the beach that goes with the room we rented. The barbecue grills are free to use.

The rooms and facilities are basic at best, but the family that runs the resort more than make up for it. They’d often ask if you need anything and would go out of their way to get it.

Villa Cecilia Beach Resort
Tondol White Sand Beach
Smart: 0999 537 8236 or 0949 800 7714
Globe: 0977 118 4514

Tondol White Sand Beach

Tondol White Sand Beach has fine white sand. Comparable to some of the islands in Caramoan. I’d dare say it’s one of the nicest beaches near Metro Manila one can go to by land.

The beach is teeming with life. As soon as you step on the water, you’ll see various shelled critters darting every which way. A little farther and you’ll find a variety of star fish. Unfortunately, some of the tourists were collecting the poor creatures mostly for selfies. Others went further and placed some inside bottles, perhaps to take home as souvenirs. It was infuriating.

Tondol White Sand Beach maybe less than a kilometer (according to Google Maps), but the shallow portion of the beach stretches far from the shore. This was the case most of the day. Water never went above the waist on the deepest parts.

Island Walking

From Tondol White Sand Beach, you can walk to the other nearby islands surrounding the bay. Yes, walk. No need to hire a boat.

Make sure to bring slippers, better yet, aqua shoes. There are a lot of sea urchins on certain parts of the shoal. My father and nephew fell victim to their sharp spines. There are elevated sandbars here and there. Like tiny islands, offering a break from the water.

The most prominent of all the neighboring islands near Tondol White Sand Beach is Tandoyong Island. The sand here is not as fine as the main beach. What makes this island interesting are the marine life you’ll find in its seaweed-laden shores.

We didn’t visit the other sandbars east of Tandoyong Island, but we did see two fishermen walk all the way there. Water never went above their hips.

Final Thoughts

Despite being so close to one of Pangasinan‘s most visited tourist attractions, the Hundred Islands National Park, Tondol White Sand Beach is still relatively out of the tourist radar.

The absence of throngs of people definitely adds to the charm of Tondol White Sand Beach. Posts like this isn’t helping in that case, but I believe that balance between tourism and preservation isn’t an impossible task.

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