Where we stayed for the fourth stop in our SEA by Train vacation in Indonesia, Mt. Bromo.

The reception at Yoschi’s Hotel was expecting us when we arrived. We didn’t have to do anything, just confirm our identity using our passports and that was that. I’d have to say, the tour operator did a fine job making sure everything is in place.

Yoschi’s Hotel doesn’t look like it’s a big place from outside, but it’s actually a compound and there are tons of space and greens inside. It’s set up like a charming, little village.

Be Informed

Yoschi’s Hotel is owned by an Indonesian-German couple, from whom the name of the hotel was taken. I believe it is a combination of their names Yoyok and Uschi, this I got from a poster at the hotel’s restaurant.

Yoschi’s Hotel
Yoschi’s Hotel Location:
Jalan Wonokerto KM 1, Sukapura, Probolinggo 67254

Yoschi’s Hotel Contact Numbers:
Phone : +62(0) 335-541018
Mobile : +62(0) 81-235-111-239

You may also send them an email or visit their website or facebook page for more information.


We were ushered into the Bungalow accommodations. This type of room usually rents at IDR 1.02 Million. No wonder the packaged tour was so darn expensive!

The spacious wooden bungalow has its own receiving area, two single beds, and a huge bathroom with bathtub and hot water. I really like the wooden cabin-in-the-mountains feel of the bungalow. The tile mosaic in the bathroom was a bit out of character, I think. :)

There are several other, more affordable, room types. We later learned that you can insist with the tour operators to give you more basic rooms to lower the tour rates. The lower rates, however, compensates for no hot showers or sharing a public bathroom.


According to Yoschi’s Hotel’s website, they started out as a restaurant and later expanded into a hotel. This information tells me that the food at Yoschi’s Hotel must be really good to have afforded them that expansion.

We ordered Soto Ayam, Mie Goreng, Cap Chai and a potato dish with ham, beef and cheese.

Everything tasted good. Since we also had Soto Ayam and Mie Goreng at Rajasa Hotel during the Borobudur leg of our trip, I can’t help but compare the two. I liked Rajasa’s version of Soto Ayam and Mie Goreng better. It was simpler and much cheaper. My companion favored Yoschi’s. :)

A sign outside of the hotel says Yoschi’s has the best potato for over 20 years. That’s the only reason we ordered the potato dish. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it that much. It was a bit bland for my taste.


A band plays live music at Yoschi’s restaurant at night. The band’s set ranges from folk, local music to Beatles and anything that the patrons may request.

The owner of Yoschi’s hotel also joins the band at times. If you know the song or can play an instrument, you’re free to perform with the band on stage. Several guests did. Most of the time, the crowd would sing-along with the band. The place radiates with an easy, feel-good atmosphere.

Surrounding Areas

Since we had a lot of time to spare, we checked out the surrounding areas near Yoschi’s Hotel. The entire place is most of the time covered in mist, so there aren’t much to see. However, as soon as the mist clears, you’re in for a real visual treat.

The small houses with their red roof tiles precariously set at the edge of a cliff, the plantations carefully carved on the sides of the mountains, the dramatic landscape, all are truly picturesque. The absence of motor vehicles and the cool weather also adds to the charm of the place.

Final Thoughts

Yoschi’s Hotel caters to all types of travelers. Basic rooms are available for the budget conscious. They also have accommodations for those who prefer to travel in comfort. Food is good and affordable too.

Staying at Yoschi’s Hotel doesn’t feel like staying at a hotel at all, more like in a small village where everybody knows everybody. You are guaranteed a smile whenever you pass by someone, be it another guest or staff.

Yayak, one of the staff working at the restaurant, is another good soul we met during our Indonesia trip. Learning that we are from the Philippines, he asked if we could teach him a few Tagalog words. He told us that temperatures at night to sunrise can go as low as 8°C. When we mentioned that we only packed shorts and will be going on the sunrise tour of Bromo, he offered and let us borrow his bandannas to help keep us warm.

The charms of a place like Yoschi’s Hotel is something that stays with you. Sharing stories and getting to know the people who help run the hotel makes the stay even more memorable.

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