The fourth stop in our SEA by Train vacation in Indonesia, Mt. Bromo.

Mother Nature is a true artist. The land and seas her sculptures, the sky her painting, the mountains her monuments, the Earth her canvas. Bromo at sunrise is one of her works of art that I had the good fortune of seeing for myself.

Be Informed

The two slices of bread, small packets of jam and butter, a banana and a cup of sealed water, comprising the free breakfast, were quickly consumed in anticipation of the long day that lay before us.

Waiting outside of the hotel at four in the morning are 4x4s, ready to take us on our Bromo Sunrise Tour. Good thing the staff at Yoschi’s Hotel proactively offered to wake us up for the tour.

Bring a torch. The only source of light we had as we climbed the dark path to the view deck are the stars. The moon decided not to show up that morning. Fortunately, we brought our mobile phones with us.

Jackets are available for rent at the hotel reception. Trust me, you’ll need one.

Please note, I’ll be referring to the entire caldera as Bromo, while I’ll be using Mt. Bromo for the volcano.

View Deck

The absence of street lights along many of the roads in Cemoro Lawang makes for an eerie and bumpy 30-minute drive to the view deck. With the faint light from the stars, we were still able to appreciate the silhouette of the surrounding mountains.

Only a portion, near the top, of the path has concrete steps. For the most part, we were walking on packed dirt. It’s not a very steep path up the view deck, but the loose earth and high altitude makes for a challenging climb.

It took us around 20 to 30 minutes to get to the top. I overstepped my bounds, climbing as quickly as we did, I experienced a short burst of headache as my body tries to adjust to the thin air.

Wiggling, trying to fit my entire body in the rented jacket proved a fruitless effort. The temperature at the view deck are much colder than that at Yoschi’s Hotel.

The view deck itself is just a small leveled area on the side of the mountain. Hawkers are present, selling hot beverage, cup noodles, snacks and even cigars.


Much like the rest of Cemoro Lawang, Bromo is often covered in mist. However, during our visit, the entire caldera is free of it. I was actually looking forward to seeing portions of the volcanoes covered in mist. To have that feeling of being above a sea of clouds. Still, a clear view of the awesome beauty of the entire caldera is priceless!

Four of the five volcanoes inside the caldera are active, including Mt. Bromo whose crater we are going to ascend. According to wikipedia, the caldera used to be one ancient volcano. After its eruption four new volcanic cones emerged inside of it.

I won’t describe the beauty of the sunrise at Bromo, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Legend has it that a childless couple (a prince and a princess) asked for help from the mountain gods for them to have children. The gods gave them 24 children but demanded that the 25th be thrown into the volcano as a sacrifice. The couple did as they were bade and this practice continues until this day… Only, the sacrifices are in the form of flowers. Whew!

Driving on Sea

If you are in good physical condition and have time to spare, you may walk from the view deck up to Bromo. This trek will probably take around two hours. Good thing, the drive from the drop off point of the viewing deck, across the Sea of Sand, then to Mt. Bromo is included in our tour package, as well as the entrance to the Bromo National Park.

Inside the caldera is a vast plain called the Sea of Sand, and in the middle of it sits Mt. Bromo and the other volcanoes. The walls of the caldera are such a sight to behold.

The 4x4s are allowed only to a certain point across the Sea of Sand, so you will still need to trek a good distance to get to the foot of Mt. Bromo.

Temple at Sea

Near the foot of Mt. Bromo is a temple. The tree-lined Hindu temple stands out from the barren waste that is the Sea of Sand. I’m not sure if outsiders/tourists are allowed inside.

As we’ve learned from our Prambanan tour guide, temples are erected near areas that pose a danger to the people to appease the gods.

Some of the locals say that the temple at the foot of Mt. Bromo was miraculously spared during one of Mt. Bromo’s major eruptions. The flowing lahar parted just a few meters from the temple, leaving the structure untouched.

Crossing the Sea of Sand

The soundtrack to one of my favorite movie franchise was playing inside my head as I stood at the Sea of Sand. Active volcanoes continually rumbling and spewing smoke, the vast nothingness of the Sea of Sand, the seemingly impossible task of crossing it and climbing one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia… Yes, the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings is a fitting tune. :)

Together with hundreds of other souls, we make our way across the Sea of Sand. Heading to our ultimate destination, the mouth of Mt. Bromo. The closer we get to the volcano, the more dramatic the landscape become. In place of the flat plain are walls of sand and ash, towering above our heads. The ground begins to swell, signalling the beginning of Mt. Bromo.

Those whose energy are spent decided to enlist the help of horses for IDR 30,000. The beasts can only carry them up to the foot of the stairs at the base of Mt. Bromo.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of Bromo is slowly revealed as the sun rises. Its rays slowly kissing the tips of the volcanoes giving them a golden hue. It is a more dramatic way of seeing the caldera, the Sea of Sand and the volcanoes within it. The best way, in my opinion.

This phase of our trip is part of the 1.25 million tour we availed of, making the entire adventure extra convenient. However, making arrangements on your own to see Bromo at sunrise is entirely plausible. Once you get to your accommodation in Cemoro Lawang, 4×4 operators are not hard to find and can be booked through your hotel.

Standing inside the ancient caldera, at the Sea of Sand, surrounded by the immense beauty of nature is an experience that not even hundreds of words can begin to describe. Bromo is a place I would not hesitate going back to.

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  1. Meryll Catalan

    Love your shots. The sunrise photo is my fave! Sobrang ganda ng place.

  2. Rainbow Journal

    Naku, kung mapapadpad ka ng Indonesia, kailangang isama mo ang Bromo sa itinerary. :)

  3. Christian Melanie Lee

    Nakakainlove naman tong lugar na to. How I wish na makabakasyon ako.

  4. Rainbow Journal

    Tell me about it! Hahaha! I have loads of photos of this place. It was hard choosing which ones to include in this post. :)

  5. Rainbow Journal

    Please do include this is your itinerary. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we did. Don't worry about the trek, it really wasn't that hard. If you've been to Mt. Batulao, the trek to Bromo is easy-peasy. :)

  6. Rainbow Journal

    Couldn't agree more. And Bromo is one of her many great works.

  7. Rainbow Journal

    Bromo truly is breathtaking! :)

  8. Rainbow Journal

    Hahaha! I read somewhere that sometimes they also offer livestock. When we were there I offered a bundle of floweres to Bromo. There are vendors at the rim of the crater. :)

  9. Rainbow Journal

    It really was breath-taking! Hope you'd get to fulfill that wish of seeing Bromo! :)

  10. Sailorstarcatcher

    can't help but to fall in love with the view of Mt. Bromo, it's all beautiful!

  11. Brian Macasa

    This is just awesome. I am so inggit! :/ I will definitely include this on my list however we cannot go on trekking here. Nay!

  12. Shirgie Scf

    I loveo that photo of the mountain. True, mother nature is really the true artist.

  13. Slick Master

    can't utter more words but… damn, breathtaking!

  14. Janice Lim

    The part about "sacrificing/offering children" made me a bit nervous until you said they do it with flowers nowadays.. Haha! I love the view of that place. So amazing!

  15. Sherlane Fortunado

    The sunrise at Bromo is breath taking. I wish i could go there and see it in my own two eyes.

  16. Rainbow Journal

    The 4×4? Same rate lang sila. Parang club/association kasi sila. Minimum of four kada sasakyan.

    Oo punta kayo dyan. Romantic yung sunrise. Tapos horseback riding sa Sea of Sand papuntang Bromo. Hehe!

  17. Rainbow Journal

    It's really cold before the sunrise. Hehe!

  18. Rainbow Journal

    Bromo really is a sight to behold. :)

  19. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Andy! Great that you appreciate the tips. Hoping that you'd see Bromo in person too. :)

  20. Rainbow Journal

    Now that you mentioned it, I find myself staring at the photos of Bromo too! Ahaha!

  21. Alaine Yambot-Alejandrino

    Breath taking! I can stare at your photo for hours. Geez. I should start climbing too. I'm missing a lot.

  22. Andy Dela Cruz

    Beautiful. How I wish one day I could visit this place. Thanks for the tips too.

  23. MsAirra Pingol

    that looks surreal!
    ang ganda ng photos. wish i could visit that place someday.

  24. Alexa Santos

    Ganda ng view! And parang ang ganda rin ng temperature. Waah :)

  25. Jerome Lupisan

    Mas makakamura ba kung sariling upa yung sasakyan?

    Ganda ng view! Dapat kumbinsihin ko misis ko nito.

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