During our Mount Purro Nature Reserve respite, we went trekking to the top of Mount Malvar. Trekking stick in hand, we slipped on muddy trails and got bit by innumerable mosquitos.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, I was in no shape to tackle the challenging trail. I seriously doubted I’d make it to the summit.

Keeping On

One of the reason I pushed through to the top, instead of giving up like a few of our fellow trekkers did, is the idea of making it there. Proving to myself I can do it. That I have bested all of the things that prevented me from getting there. [Insert “That Thing Called Tadhana” reference here] ;-P

We took a different route on our way down. The steps more pronounced and less damaged by the rain. An easier path. I didn’t need to use my hiking stick.

I had a realization how the trek up Mount Malvar is similar to our journey in life.

Stay with me on this…

An Analogy

We often find ourselves in situations we think little of our capabilities. When we decide to push through, there are times we find ourselves on the ground, on occassion even covered in mud. Good thing there are people we can count on, like hiking sticks making getting up a bit easier.

We all encounter toxic people. More often than we care to. Like mosquitoes they keep on taking and taking. Moving on to the next victim, as soon as you’re drained of blood. Leaving you with as much life as a ragdoll.

There are several ways to accomplish things, we usually realize this after the task is done. Like the easier trail we found after reaching the summit, we hope we find these options before we committed to the task. Still mighty proud to have finished regardless of the challenges.

Final Thoughts

We’ll face many trials as we walk the path of life, a fact that can’t be helped. Maybe you’ll find yourself ahead of the other trekkers, perhaps behind. Regardless of where you end up, what’s guaranteed is, if you keep pushing on, you’re sure to reach the summit.

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