Mount Purro Nature Reserve: Mountain Getaway Near Metro Manila

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We’ve all been there. Wanting an escape. Could be from work, people, family, love or the lack of it. Whatever the reason may be, a short respite can make a world of a difference.

Good thing one need not go far from Metro Manila to enjoy some needed peace and quiet.

Be Informed

Mount Purro Nature Reserve is exactly that, a Nature Reserve in Mount Purro at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

We availed of the couple’s package, which includes:

  • Casita overnight stay
  • Access to all facilities
  • Afternoon tea
  • Candle-lit dinner
  • Full-board buffet meals (breakfast and lunch)
  • Bonfire with smores
  • Couple’s massage
  • Mt. Malvar trek

Booking with Mount Purro Nature Reserve couldn’t be easier. All I did was use the contact form on their website. The staff communicated well and are prompt to respond to queries.

You may reach Mount Purro Nature Reserve through the following channels:
[email protected]

Getting There

As their website states, it’s an easy commute to Mount Purro Nature Reserve. Here’s a comprehensive guide they sent after confirming our booking:

  • Along Aurora Boulevard/Marcos highway, you can take a jeep going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, take another jeep that says Paenaan. Tell the driver you would be going down at Kanto Veterans
  • From Kanto Veterans, ride 2 tricycles to Mount Purro Nature Reserve in Barangay Calawis. (130 pesos for the 2 trikes)

You may also take a UV Express van from Cubao Terminal (near McDonald’s) to Cogeo, to escape the smoke and heat of Metro Manila.


There is a feeling of warmth as soon as you step inside Mount Purro Nature Reserve’s grounds. You can tell there’s a lot of love put into the place. It’s like getting a loving hug from a long lost love.

Cabanas, bonfire grounds and a pool are some of the facilities found at Mount Purro Nature Reserve. The buildings are mostly made of wood, nipa and bamboo. Further connecting you to the true star of Mount Purro Nature Reserve, nature…


There are several lodging options in Mount Purro Nature Reserve. Our package had us stay at one of the Casitas.

The room is spacious. One queen-sized bed in the middle and seats built on the the entire length of two of the walls. There’s an en suite bathroom with hot shower. There’s no air-conditioning. Not that you’d need it.

I initially had reservations about the big, open, shutter-less windows running across three sides of the room. The nipa roof provides enough cover for privacy. We only needed to pull the curtains on the side facing the path to the other Casitas.

Final Thoughts

More than a getaway, Mount Purro Nature Reserve aims to preserve and improve its natural surroundings. It also has a mission to help the indigenious Dumagat tribe by giving them a steady livelihood. When you think about it, not only were you able to find respite, you were also able to help by simply staying at Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

Staying at a place like Mount Purro Nature Reserve allows you to evaluate your circumstances from afar. Look at the life you live from a different angle.

You may not find all or any answer to the questions that’s been nagging at you, but having a short break does a lot to relax your body, recharge your mind and fill your heart with a bit more joy.

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