Corregidor: Day Tour or Overnight? (Part 2 of 2)

There are several activities to be had in Corregidor as listed on the brochure of Sunset Cruises. Bike rentals, sunset/sunrise viewing, zipline, night lateral tour of the Malinta tunnel… But at that moment we just wanted to rest, plus the sun is scorching outside.


We headed to Corregidor Inn to check in (2pm) and decided to explore the island when the heat is more forgiving.

The room is spacious and clean. Its interiors are reminiscent of old American-style mansions in the country, complementing the historic island. The hotel is situated on top of a hill, so views are just amazing.


We woke up before 6pm. Bodies well rested and the sun setting in the horizon, we prep ourselves to explore the island. But first, a bite at the hotel restaurant.

As we discovered on Part 1, food is short of spectacular; it actually got worse, most of the limited items on the menu are not available and the ones they served are conventional and bland. We also learned that it’s a bit pricey, a meal (good for one, without beverage) will set you back over Php 200. Since we will be staying until 3pm the following day we noted to look for other places to eat.


To our great dismay, they don’t have any bike rentals. The only way you can go around Corregidor island is by availing of one of their packaged “Optional Activities” for a fee. We opted out, we don’t like the idea of having somebody waiting around for us while we take time (and we do indeed) looking about.

With our plans foiled (the historic grounds are too far for walking from the hotel), the only other option we have is the pool. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of raucous people occupying the small pool. Being the anti-social we are, we decided to just stay at the restaurant’s veranda and enjoy the quiet of the night.

Distraught of having no means to go back to the ruins and Corregidor’s batteries (I badly wanted to have more photos taken there), we elected to just walk around the area by the hotel the following morning. First on our list is the beach, which is actually pretty nice. Fine, gray sand, clear waters with green mountains and cliffs that meet the sea make for a picturesque view; Yet we dare not bathe in the waters, thinking that it’s still  part of Manila Bay.

A zipline and a small church are pretty much what’s in the area by the hotel. Also, we had no luck finding other places to eat. So I guess we have to make do with the dull-tasting food at the restaurant.

Only mid-morning and we’ve got nothing to do until 3pm (ferry back to Manila), we lingered a bit at the restaurant before heading back to the hotel room to escape the heat.

Final Thoughts

So is it worth staying the night in Corregidor? If you don’t mind paying a little extra (and then some) to further explore the island, then staying the night will be a good idea. But if you’re on a budget (like us), I suggest to forego the overnight stay.

The day tour pretty much covers everything (though a bit rushed) and there’s not much walking done to leave you without energy. Also, with the food being as expensive (and bland) as it is, you’re likely to spend more than the package you paid for to stay the night.

Travel Date: January 2012

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  1. rainbowjournal

    Glad you enjoyed your tour of Corregidor! Thank you for sharing. We had fun during our visit too. :-)

  2. Gordon Mitchell

    I enjoyed the tour of Corregidor. Great guide – Pablito T. Martinez

  3. Rainbow Journal

    I do hope you'd get to see Corregidor when you visit the Philippines and relive the good old days. :)

  4. Jerome Lupisan

    Bataan holds a special place in my heart as my dad worked in Morong for years until (around) 1992. My brothers and I spent our school breaks in Morong, but I've never been to Corregidor. Sounds like a good idea to give it a try.

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