Google Caramoan and you’re guaranteed to get at least a couple of Caramoan tour packages in the results. These are very tempting options to take. Most of these Caramoan tour packages include accommodations, island hopping, full board meals and even transfers to and from Sabang port and Guijalo port.

Most of the accommodations in these Caramoan tour packages are located near the centro (center of town). This is good if you really want to get a feel of the local vibe. There are some beach front accommodations, located in a small fishing village, for an additional fee of course.

Then again, with a little bit of research, you can always get more bang for your buck. With round about the same price as the Caramoan tour packages accommodations, you get nicer rooms, the exclusivity of a resort (where the Survivor crew stayed while filming the reality show) and, most importantly, a gorgeous beach.

Be Informed

Gota Village Resort may seem intimidating at first (budget-wise). Apart from their own tour packages, room rates are not clearly stated in their website and facebook page. Minus the adrenaline junkie’s dream activities included in their tour packages, the accommodations are fairly priced.

It takes about 30 minutes to get from Guijalo port to Gota Village. Long stretches of the road are under construction. Panoramic landscapes more than make up for the bumpy ride.

Gota Village Resort Caramoan
Small Wooden Cabin- Php 3,750
Medium Wood Cabin- Php 4,250
Large Wood Cabin – Php 4,750

All rooms are standard occupancy for 2 people. Additional Php 500 per person per night. An extra mattress will be provided. All rooms are also equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, mini fridge, and en suite bathroom with hot shower. Transfers to and from Guijalo port are also included.

Tour Packages:
3 Days and 2 Nights
4 Days and 3 Nights
5 Days and 4 Nights

*These are documents sent by Gota Village.
You may also inquire about their VIP area called Honungan Cove, which can only be accessed by boat.

Contact details:
(0917) 580-0750 – Manila Liason Office
(0920) 967-2942 / (0949) 888-8819
(54) 477-3344 / (54) 477-3347

[email protected]
facebook / website

According to some of the locals, Survivor has a 25-year contract with Caramoan. I’m not certain if they still stay at Gota when they are filming, but they mentioned that in the past, the resort is closed to the public during such times. As well as some of the other islands.


Gota Village indeed looks like a little village. The brown walls and red roofs of the wooden cabanas wonderfully compliment the green backdrop of the limestone mountains surrounding the entire village. Most of the cabanas are arranged in small circles. A palm tree and a rather unsightly lamp post now stand at the center of these circles where campfires used to.

There weren’t that many people during our stay in Gota Village. Understandably, guests are accommodated only within a certain area of the resort near the massage and housekeeping cabins and closest to the beach. There’s easily over a hundred cabanas in Gota Village after all. You’re free to roam around of course.

Security is a serious business in Gota Village. Security personnel are visible at the village entry, beachfront and surrounding areas; complete with radios and shotguns. Perhaps this is a measure that got carried over from ensuring the safety of foreign guests while Survivor is filming or because Gota Village is situated inside a National Park reserve.

Unfortunately, many of the other cabins in Gota Village, especially those farthest from the beach, are in disrepair. Some of the walls and floors are crumbling and are slowly being reclaimed by Nature. Also, with the village being surrounded by mountains, cellular reception is poor (Globe subscribers only).


We rented a Small wooden cabana. The room is pretty straight forward. Apart from the listed inclusions, there’s a small desk, a chair and a wardrobe. There is a pleasant woody aroma when you enter the cabana.

Gota Village housekeeping did a great job in maintaining the cleanliness of the room. The sheets are without stain, no accumulation of dust on the floor and other surfaces and you wouldn’t feel queasy stepping into the bathroom. Although there was an incident when we opened the shower and as soon as water started to collect on the floor, several black things (what we presume are insect droppings) started coming out from the crevices where the sliding door meets the floor. It quickly drained away.


Here are the activities offered at Gota Village in Caramoan from a brochure I got from the resort. You may want to check with them as well if there are changes in the rates.

Marine Activites
All Marine Activities are subject to tidal and weather conditions. You will need to undergo an orientation at the Marine Office near Gota Village’s beach area.

Isaland Hopping – Maralad Islands
– Max 7 people
Php 2,200
Isaland Hopping – Manlawi Islands
– Max 7 people
Php 3,200
Back-to-Back Island hopping Php 5,000
Cliff Diving – per dive Php 150/person
Cliff Diving – unlimited Php 300/person
Rent Kayak Php 500
Snorkelling Set (full day) Php 150/person

Extreme Activites

River trekking to Umang Cave with rental equipment Php 500/person
River tubing to Mandiklum Cave with rental equipment Php 700/person
Mountain trekking Php 300/person
Mountain trekking with rappelling Php 500/person
Intro to rock climbing Php 700/person
Spelunking Php 500/person

Dining at Gota Village is like going to a casual dining restaurant in Manila. In terms of price, that is. Most of the meals ranges from around Php 200 to Php 500. These meals are good for sharing, despite the menu saying otherwise. The food is really good. Gives you that lutong-bahay experience. I enjoyed everything we ordered during our stay. The Laing is a must try!

You can also order half of the fish dishes (listed as one kilo on the menu). They’ll also be happy to store any leftovers for you and serve it on your next meal. If you really want to save, there is a small farming village right outside of Gota Village where you can have a meal for less than Php 50.

All meals are freshly prepared, so you need to make your order at least 45 mins in advance. Or you can inform Gota Village’s kitchen staff at what time you’d like to have your meals and have it delivered to your cabana.


Some of the islands included in most island hopping tours are directly in front of Gota Village’s beach. Located within a cove, the mocha-colored beach is planked by dramatic limestone formations. One even has a small cave in it. This also causes for the shore to be constantly pummeled by waves. The water is clear and cool.

Another awesome thing about Gota Village’s beach are the huge slabs of flat, smooth rocks that cover an area between the shoreline and the sea. Makes for sure footing. Also, there are none of those creepy seaweeds that are ever so abundant on the islands we visited during our island hopping.

The beach is, of course, exclusive to Gota Village guests. Most of the time you’ll have the entire place to yourself. Perfect for lounging on a lazy afternoon, watching the sky turn blue.

If you follow the Survivor series, you’d spot some of the items used during the reward and immunity challenges displayed along the beachfront. The area can still use some sprucing up though. Its too barren and, despite being clean, looks unkempt.

There is also a trail, near the marine office, going through the mangrove forest that leads to another gorgeous beach. I’m not sure if this beach is still part of Gota Village as it serves as a dock for the boats used for island hopping. The sand there is lighter in color and finer than that of the one in front of Gota Village.

Final Thoughts

The contrast of the small, red-roofed wooden cabanas against the greens of the impressive limestone mountains that surround Gota Village is a true charmer.

Reasonable rates, clean rooms, multitude of activities at your disposal, good food, beautiful beach, all make for a truly wonderful vacation. Sure there are some rough edges. Small things that can be overlooked. Above all, the best that Gota Village has to offer is the hospitality and service that the staff provide. There’s a certain warmness with how people interact with you. It doesn’t feel like they’re doing it because their job requires it. It’s just their nature.

Gota Village is already showing some signs of age. Some of the structures in the village has undergone a lot of patchwork. While others seem to have been completely left in disrepair. But there is a glimmer of hope. During our stay, a large building was being constructed near the beachfront. What looks to be the new restaurant. Not sure. And some of the cabanas with broken foundations are being fixed. I would like to think that Gota Village’s prime is yet to come.


05 April 2016 – Added list of activities with rates offered by Gota Village Resort

14 April 2017 – Add information about driving from Manila to Gota Village Resort Caramoan

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  1. rainbowjournal

    Hi Hera,

    Finally found the brochure from Gota Village with the list of activities they offer. Please see the new Activities tab on the post. Cheers

  2. rainbowjournal

    Hi Hera,

    I think I have a copy of the activities and their rates somewhere. I’ll look for it and let you know. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it until after the Holy Week.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy the holidays. :)

  3. Hera

    Hi..can you tell some of the prices of the activities available? Kung natatandaan mo pa

  4. rainbowjournal

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Yan! Hunongan Cove, their luxury resort is off limits to non-Gota/Hunongan guests (during island hopping). I’m not sure if the same goes for Gota Village, however, they do have adventure tours so perhaps if you avail of those you can have access to the resort. I suggest inquiring with them directly. :)

  5. yan

    Hello there!

    Is day tour allowed in Gota Village?

  6. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Samantha, The menu would say that the meals are good for one person. From what we had there, the Laing, Sinigang and Sweet and Sour fish can be shared by two to three people. There are eateries at the small village outside, if you're on a budget.

    Glad you found the info here helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

  7. Samantha Paat

    Hi! Thanks for this informations, can i asked if how many people can share the food that cost PHP200 to PHP500 ?? Is that too much?? Thanks :)

  8. Maria Luisa Ballesca

    Hi! Thanks for the info it really helped us.. We're planning to go there this month.. can I get all contact numbers that you have at gota.. :) thanks a lot!

  9. Dazzy Guerta Genosa

    Hi we are on a really budget trip, we are planning to bring our own car and we are planning to take the Lagonoy way. My son needs special attention because he has leukemia okay lang ba ang travel going there. BTW he is two years old and sanay naman mag travel. Can we bring food ba in case we wanted na talagang magtipid?

  10. Rainbow Journal

    Ariane Bataller, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay there. Very accommodating ang staff dun. Yung food for the island hopping tour sa Gota nyo din oorderin. They will arrange it for you para di na kayo babalik ng Gota. More time basking under the sun. :)

    It's so nice to hear that you find this article helpful. That's the reason why I started blogging. Do line my facebook page din. I'd really appreciate that. Hehe! Again, enjoy your trip!!! :D

  11. Ariane Bataller

    Rainbow Journal hey I surely will share it. thank you so much for this helpful blog. nacontact ko na yung Gota, for reservation na kami. di rin kami magpackage tour. and sige dun kami sa hunongan cove maglunch. ;) magkano nagrerange yung food dun? thanks again!

  12. Rainbow Journal

    Would love to hear how your travel went. And do share photos. Enjoy! :D

  13. Rainbow Journal

    Meron silang sarili nilang boats kung gusto nyo mag-island hopping. Most of the islands malapit lang mismo dun sa Gota Village. You can see them from the private beach. I suggest having your lunch sa Hunongan cove. Only Gota guests are allowed there. :)

  14. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Ariane! Thanks for visiting my blog. :D
    Yung rate ng cabanas, good for 2 na yun. You can request for additional mattress for a fee. We didn't do a packaged tour.

  15. Ariane Bataller

    and san po kayo nakakuha ng package tour for island hopping?

  16. Ariane Bataller

    Hi. yung rates na Large wooden cabana – Php 1,875 ba is per pax o for 2 na? nagpackage tour ka ba? we're planning 2d1n kasi on feb 7-8 13pax kami. dun namin gusto magstay. pls reply. thankee ;)

  17. Rainbow Journal

    Hello, Food can be a bit expensive. I suggest choosing those that are good for sharing. If you’re not able to finish your meal, you can ask them to save your leftovers to be served at a later time. Should you be in a really tight budget, there are eateries at the small village just a short walk from Gota.

  18. Anonymous

    hi! planning to visit gota this coming saturday,do you know if the price of food reasonable ?

  19. Rainbow Journal

    Fulg Ramz That would be awesome! It'll be incredibly helpful to anyone planning to go there. As long as you're okay sharing them here… :D

  20. Fulg Ramz

    If we push through, i'd be glad to post some photos of the road going there

  21. Fulg Ramz

    Hopefully soon :-)

  22. Rainbow Journal

    Fulg Ramz That's great news! I prefer land travel over sea, so this is welcome news. :)
    Hopefully it's safe. When are you going?

  23. Fulg Ramz

    Thanks. I actually called Gota and they confirmed it is already passable with few rough roads. I just like to hear from third party though as to the condition and safety.

  24. Rainbow Journal

    Hi Fulg. I'm not sure if the roads are now passable. The last time we went there, Feb 2014, they are still under construction.

  25. Fulg Ramz

    Hi, is it safe to travel via road trip from Lagonoy to Caramoan? How is the road condition? and how many hrs does it take do you think?

  26. Rainbow Journal

    From Naga, it's a 2-hr van ride to Sabang port. Then another 2-hr boat ride to Guijalo port in Caramoan. I'm sure your family will have a great time there! :D

  27. Jhojo Villas

    Wow! I got to go to Gota too! (tongue-twister) haha..nice place with a cheaper packages. i would love to visit this with my family. by the way, how long is the travel time from manila?

  28. Rainbow Journal

    It is indeed one of the best vacations I've ever had. Caramoan is a real piece of paradise. Hope you took away some ideas here when you decide to go there. :)

  29. Slick Master

    Now this… is a perfect vacation venue. Talk about shying away from the typical destinations and with some kind of cheaper prices. I'd like to visit this soon!

  30. Rainbow Journal

    Hope you'd be able to see Caramoan in the days to come. It really is worth visiting. :)

  31. Ma Theresa Montino

    That's a breathtaking view. How I wish I can go out of town this vacation. :)

  32. Rainbow Journal

    That's nice, having relatives in Caramoan. Gives you reason to visit and have a vacation at the same time. :)

  33. Denise Sarmiento

    i was also in caramoan and stayed in a relative's house. did some island hopping coz they own a banca. so we were not able to go in gota as it's exclusive :) but it's popular and i wanna go there!

  34. Rainbow Journal

    Please do… :D Hehe! I was browsing through your posts and I share your interest in travel AND food! :P

  35. Gabriela Fernandez

    Rainbow Journal wow thanks. :) aww that's why. haha. Maybe I will consult you soon, when I get big on blogmosphere. hehe.

  36. Rainbow Journal

    Thanks Gabriela! I do a bit of WordPress development to earn a few extra bucks. :) I do like your blog name. Very catchy!

  37. Rainbow Journal

    Caramoan is a great place for a family vacation. There aren't that many tourists yet and the kids will surely enjoy the beaches. Thanks for visiting. :)

  38. Herald Cantre Bebis

    Caramoan Island is on the top list of local places we need to visit as a family. Looking forward to finally explore this wonderful destination. Thanks for the info, this valuable info could come handy in the future. Cheers!

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