Hello! My name is Ranil. It’s weird that I’m floating… Heehee!

Welcome to Rainbow Journal!

I’ve always admired bloggers, more than celebrities. Be it travel, food, fashion, technology, gaming or any other fancy. Being able to pursue your interests and sustaining it through a blog is a remarkable feat, in my humblest of opinions.

I’m not yet at that stage where I can, through this blog, fund my travels and eat at fancy restaurants all the time (not even remotely close). It sure is a place I’d like to get to, but my reason for starting this blog isn’t borne of this alone.

My first travel experiences were through company outings through my father’s work. That was way back when Google wasn’t even born, and internet hasn’t reached the shores of the Philippines. I found these excursions extremely enjoyable, despite my motion sickness which often leads to vomiting through the length of the journey.  Thank goodness my motion sickness got sick of me. Hahaha!

Fast forward to my first solo trip, which incidentally, was also my first time on a plane. Around this time, Google was a close companion and our home internet is a [then] decent 1 mbps. Despite these advances, it was still hard to find resources and tips. Thankfully, during my first out-of-the country trip, I was accompanied by someone who has traveled solo many times. He’d eventually become my constant travel buddy.

At the planning stage of our travels, I find myself obsessively scouring the internet for the best deals in accommodations, food places and attractions. Complete with an excel sheet to keep things organized and, more importantly, pretty. Hehe! During the trip, I’m always noting down everything from prices, travel times, even the food we eat. My travel buddy suggested I start a blog. And so I did. Even designed and developed the thing myself.

Initially, it was only about travel, but since I like to eat and was learning how to cook, I decided to write about those too.

If blogging was a marathon, many would say that I’m miles behind every other blogger out there, but it has led me to a path where I get to make my own time. Designing and developing version one of this blog led me to a new career. Never in a million years did I think that I will be making websites for a living. Something I enjoy doing. Also, hopefully, the things I write here is able to help those who take time to read them. I may be running a slow pace, but I’d like to think that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. As a wandering grey wizard once said, “A wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to.” :D

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