Learning Ladder Child Development Center

Client: Gayzelle Perpetua
Location: Laguna, Philippines
Scope: Poster, Flyer, Facebook page

It’s always wonderful to be part, no matter how small your contribution may be, in the realization of someone’s dream. This is the case when a client/friend of mine recently started her own business. After completing units in Education and SPED (on top of a Bachelor’s degree and extensive background and experience in Physical Therapy), it’s only fitting to take things to the next level by starting her own pre-school, Learning Ladder Child Development Center.

Be it a small, family-run company or a multinational corporation, advertising your business in all available form of media is key. This is my way of promoting not only her school, but also some of the design work I did.

Up until this project I’ve only been using Adobe Photoshop in materializing my design ideas. I found that it’s easier to manipulate Adobe Illustrator in drawing images, then putting everything together in Photoshop. It was still quite a challenge though, since I don’t have those fancy digital pad and pen; all the images were drawn using the good ol’ mouse and keyboard.


The general theme is that children are the ones making the pitch for the school. A customized Facebook cover and profile picture are the first ones I created. My goal is to keep the images simple and colorful, to have that drawn-by-kids feel.

Next, a location map and flyer. I decided to go with a lengthwise layout for the flyer (though uncommon), the idea is to convey progression by incorporating ladders leading to the upper levels.

Lastly, a 2 ft x 3 ft poster. For this one, the embellishments are kept at a minimum and the focus is placed on the text, especially the programs offered. Shades of red is used to put emphasis on the name of the school as well as the contact numbers.

My friend is incredibly happy with the turn out. I’d have to say that I am too, given that this is the first time I used Adobe Illustrator. Not only was I able to help out a friend; I am also able to learn some new skills. Skills that I’m sure will help me in climbing my own ladders. Hoping that these marketing tools I designed will help boost business for her school. I end this post with a testimonial she wrote on my page. Cheers!

I thank God for giving me wonderful and creative friends. Thank you for gracing my page. Your works are captivating.

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